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My Planning Thread, cant believe its my turn :)

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Hello ladies

I could not figure out how to load pics, could not get a subscription to photobucket nor post an attachment so i put my planning thread on a website because i really wanted to share my planning since i was able to get soooo many ideas from all you wonderful brides and brides to be. I wanted to thank everyone from the creator of this website to the newbies just joining. i never knew there was a whole world of DW brides lol i do not know what i would have done without this site, seriously. its very addicting. Planning has been very hectic and im so glad its almost time to actually be married lol i tried my best to keep the attached thread in time order and without grammatical errors but i was doing it fast and very late, so forgive the grammer and spelling lol Also sirry for not giving shout outs to the ladies so i may have stole ideas from, but i forgot who they all were but thank you soooo much!! you all rock!

a couple details before you check out the thread:

Engaged on 4/6/08 in Cabo, it was perfect!!

Started planning a year later, vacationed at the Paradisus Palma Real in March 2009 and loved it and decided that was the location for our wedding.

Got my marriage lic. last week and will be getting legally married in jeans and a cute tee on March 30, 2010. will proably do some dinner. It is FI birthday as well. It is also our anniversary of "going out" as boyfriend and girlfriend. We make 10 years!!!

We will be doing a symbolic Beach Ceremony at the Paradisus Palma Real on 4/18/2010, followed by cocktail and a Beach Reception

There will be 30 guests. We will have a dance floor, DJ Mannia and also a live band. My dad has had a spanish band for over 30 years so he will bring them. we will be at PPR for 6 days then coming back to NY for 2 nights then off to Secrets Montego Bay Wild Orchard for a 6 night honeymoon!! so excited. I hope you enjoy the planning journal. Feel Free to ask any questions, Thanks!


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booooo, cant see the website at work sad.gif

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