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April 2011 Brides

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#1091 Teira1031

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    Posted 06 December 2010 - 11:11 AM

    For our DW were doing a cocktail hour with open bar while we do our pictures and will have a marriachi band playing during this time then we will be having a 3 hour formal reception with sit down plated dinner, dancing and cake of course ( my favorite part)! Originally we were going to do an iPod hookup but now I'm leaning more towards a dj if ican work it into the budget because setting up the iPod and making sure everything flows throughout the night totally stresses me out! As for our AHR were still undecided. I want it to be pretty traditional so I want all the dances and toasts and cake cutting but I'm thinking we'll do cocktails and appetizers rather than a full dinner and we'll probably invite 150 ish people.

    #1092 Lua

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      Posted 06 December 2010 - 12:59 PM

      so I called AFloral at 1pm when I got back from lunch to try and find where my flowers are... the girl seemed as puzzled as me in regards to why I haven't even seen a shipping confirmation email from them. She was supposed to look into it for me and email me back.  And now I wait again..... I'm so impatient! lol I just want my flowers.

      #1093 mochamakes3

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        Posted 06 December 2010 - 01:16 PM

        Lua - I really hope you find out what happened with your order.

        #1094 Tennyt1

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          Posted 06 December 2010 - 01:26 PM

          Well this weekend I have been working on putting my invites together....Oh my it is a lot of work....My resort has switch wedding coordinatiors on me about 5 times now and I'm frustrated


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          #1095 mochamakes3

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            Posted 06 December 2010 - 02:09 PM

            Tenny - I'm sure it will all work out and you'll end up with your dream wedding. Good luck with your invites. Ours were a ton of work too and I don't think I would do it again.

            #1096 tris

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              Posted 06 December 2010 - 02:51 PM

              Ella - Our wedding package includes a sit down dinner reception, which was one of my requirements for the resort we picked. So we have a champagne reception immediately following the ceremony then a sit down dinner. They offer the opportunity to rent out the gazebo for a dance after but I kind of got screwed out of the opportunity because the assistant WP DOUBLE BOOKED the day... oops! So we're planning on just invading the disco after the reception for dancing... it's free and from what I've heard it's never busy anyways.


              As for an AHR, we're not having one. We considered it at first but there's really no point for us. One of the reasons we're going away is so we don't have to invite people we're not close with... we really don't want to spend the money just to please people, you know? We *may* have a little gathering with my Dad's side of the family (none of whom are coming), but I feel a little hurt that I haven't heard a thing from any of my aunts & uncles or cousins in regards to getting engaged or sending out the STD's... seriously not a word, not a congrats, nothing... and my grandparents on my dad's side are super old fashion and I think a little upset with me for doing a DW anyways. Ugh.

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              #1097 lsmith211

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                Posted 06 December 2010 - 03:09 PM

                I'm at the same resort at Tris, so ours will be similar, except we will be having our reception in the gazebo and then heading to the disco once that ends at 11.  And we aren't having an AHR either, cause we live on the other side of the country from our families, and when we head home in the summer it will be for my sisters wedding.  I don't want to steal her spotlight by celebrating my wedding a week before hers....

                But, we're getting a lot of pressure to do something since most people from home can't make it to Jamaica.  We're leaning towards a really casual BBQ while we're home in my parents back yard or something.  As long as my sis is ok with it......  And it doesn't take much work to plan haha - I know I'll be lazy once the actual wedding and trip to Jamaica are over!!

                #1098 Ellabaja1983

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                  Posted 06 December 2010 - 04:35 PM

                  Well, I was originally thinking about the DW reception/cocktail hour thing... but I'm glad I asked because I probably would have been wondering about the AHR after reading things anyway!


                  I was thinking of just doing the private party dinner with cake, and the iPod setup...  I was thinking about the cocktail hour but I'm not sure how that will work exactly.  Our wedding is at 1:30, so it's kind of early and there would still be time between the cocktail hour and the dinner I feel (that's why I asked).


                  For our AHR, we have decided on a date, but I'm not sure what I want.  I thought like a BBQ type thing at a local outdoor area, but I'm not sure it would be what I am picturing with dancing and stuff.  We are not planning on doing the traditional dances at the DW because we wanted to do that when all the guests are there who can't make it to the DW.... 


                  Thank you for answering me though!!!

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                  #1099 mochamakes3

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                    Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:26 AM

                    I just have to share my excitement with you ladies. I was trying to figure out my remaining vacation days for the year, and my last day of work will be December 17! I'm so happy that I actually have some time off after working 6 days a week for the last three months and being away from home.

                    #1100 Lua

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                      Posted 07 December 2010 - 06:37 AM

                      yay!!!! that's so exciting mocha! happy for you :)

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