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April 2011 Brides

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Tris - your photographer is amazing - good job on convincing the FI!!!  Your pics are going to be incredible....


Brandy - I'm pretty sure that you can engrave tungsten, but it doesn't show up very well - it's pretty faint because the metal is so hard... 


Mocha - have an amazing trip home - must be so hard to be away from FI right up til the wedding!!


No wedding planning for me this weekend - it's FI's 30th b-day on Friday so we're spending our long weekend in the mountains - heading to Banff...  I'm so excited to get out of the city! 

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Mocha you must be so excited to see your FI (and your ring)! they had to take mine too, it was only gone for a week but I felt naked. We both got our rings engraved with "Today and Every Day" because Marry Me by train is our wedding song, and the sentiment is a good reminder that we aren't just comitting once forever, but committing to each other every day.

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Thanks everyone, it has been tough. I hope it's the last time either of us has to travel for an extended amount of time.


When we ordered my ring, they told us 4 - 6 weeks because it all had to go to Tacori in California. It will be 4 weeks this weekend. I'm actually going to walk down the aisle to "Marry Me." I was trying to think of something just for us to write on the inside.

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Wow, it took me forever to get through this...and there were only 3 pages!  I guess that'll happen when looking at the links Tris provided from the photographer and WORK get in the way!! 


Tris, I can't wait to see what your photographer does with your wedding, she is absolutely amazing!!


Teira, I'm going to look at your pictures when I get home...I don't think it'd be a good thing to look at here at work...


This weekend....


1. I have my 2nd dress fitting Saturday morning!  I can't wait, the zipper should be out and the corset should be in!  I'm so excited!  (Plus I've lost some weight so it should fit even better!)

2. Get the iron-on's put on the OOT bags.

3. Get the luggage tags and pre-travel brochures out to the rest of our guests (half of them have them already).

4. Send out a message (or call) everyone to get their choice on our menu options, so I can get that to the WC.

5. Have FI look through the music list to take his "dislikes" out and then figure out where we stand time wise.


I think that's it for the most part.  I have a 4-day weekend, so I should be able to get everything done, if not a few other things.  Yay for Monday's holiday!!


I'm also hoping to get my aloe I ordered from Amazon either today or tomorrow so I can put all the final pieces of my OOT bag together!

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i am SO glad that it's a long weekend!! it's "family day" up here.  That means sat and sun we can work on crossing things off our list and Monday we can RE-LAX!!! :)

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Tris-WOW I am so excited for you, she takes AMAZING pics. Can't wait to see them.


I am also addicted to the planning thread and guess I better start on mine soon. Good thing is that from the beginning I think I have taken pics of every little thing I ordered which should help!


Poor Kitty, I hope the nightmares stop lol


Brandy- I posted on the other thread but just had to say again WOW, so impressed with those pics. You looks stunning!


Mocha-Enjoy your weekend!!!! ;)


I also have a 4day weekend, FI and I are heading up to my home town Sudbury and we have an appointment with the caterer, dj and cupcake lady for our AHR. Also I sold all my chair covers and two fitted rectangular table cloths to a Sept bride up there so I will be getting the deposit cheque this weekend from her sister.


I plan on cutting the rest of the placecards and table numbers on my dads precision cutter in the office and then assembling them when I get back Monday hopefully. Found a job for FI to do, put together the organza bags with rose petals in them and figure out the layout in my dads backyard for the AHR. Oh I am also picking up some wine labels while in Sudbury. So far that is it for this weekend.


Have an amazing weekend ladies. OMG I am already stressed out at the 1000 post I will come back to on Monday lol :)


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I forgot to mention that Saturday night we are going to dinner with my MOH and her husband to "celebrate" our legal ceremony from Monday!  I still look at my Wife valentine's day card and think...really?  Did that happen!  I am wondering what my stepsons thing about the card, because they came last night (we have them Wednesday, Thursday, and every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)!!

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Tris-  What a fabulous photog!!  That's awesome that she's giving you guys such a great deal.  It sounds like she's going to get something out of it too w/ building her DW portfolio.  I love the horse idea.


Meggers-  Wow.  I might have freaked out a bit too.  Holy sh*t some people don't get it!  I've always said that I don't care what people do for a living, as long as they're the best at it they can be.  TAs should be just that....good travel agents!!  Good job staying positive about having extra days before your guests get there.  I totally feel you about having to watch out for tan lines.  Our AHR is 2 weeks after our wedding and I don't want to have a food/alcohol baby in my dress;)


Kitty-  I hear you on the wedding nightmares.  We hired our musician for our wedding in Maui, and I dreamed a few nights ago that he sounded like Stewie from Family Guy.  ha!


Lua-   I posted something on your blog about your running issue.  The weather here is FINALLY getting nicer so I'm loving getting back outside on the roads.


Teira- I'm thinking I want to see these pics too now!  I"ll PM you:)  Thanks for the tips, BTW.



We registered last weekend for gifts and FI kept cracking me up.  His face was completely puzzled when he saw that there really was something called a Dutch Oven.  Then he giggled like a little boy. 

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