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April 2011 Brides

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Brandy, I was going to say #4, but now that you're between the two, I say number two. I can't explain why, but I like the way it looks with your names first. Anyone else have friends who got engaged yesterday? FI and I now have 5 sets of friends that are engaged. Crazy! Love is in the air! Trying to catch up, so here goes...Tris, what happened with the photographer? Are you going to forego your deposit on your previous photographer? Erin, congrats on LEGALLY becoming a Mrs, love the ring. Totally understand wanting to wear it all the time, FI and I feel the same about ours. Any teaser pics from the BD shoots yet? Just scheduled mine for next month. BTW, Brandy, I took your advice and I'm making my own Laker girl outfit, bought a purple sports bra and a purple Cheerleading skirt, and bought some iron on Lakers patches I got off eBay. I'm sure FI will love it.

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Ughh... FI doesn't want to switch photogs!! He thinks the photog in Jamaica is better (I really don't think so). If anyone of you have time let me know your thoughts... I just think Melissa (Sugar & Soul) is so much more creative & talented. Boys don't get it...


Our current photog in Jamaica (Sungold Associates RS)



The Winnipeg photog who is willing to do our wedding for free


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