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Hi Kathy


For the postcard guestbook, I am giving the guests these postcards in the welcome bag as well as some other ones without the wording on it for them to send to their friends or family. These were created through vista print.

purchased wedding items 060.JPG

At the reception I will have some of these on the table in case they forget to bring theirs completed. I will have this explanation card with some some of treasure chest for them to put them in.







For my placecards I had initially wanted to print out business cards and place them between the knobs on my knobby starfish but that didn't work so I am printing the file below for each table, cutting them out, laminating them and attaching the small starfish to the bottom left hand corner and I will have them placed in a try with sand standing up. There is no meal selection for my guests so I didn't have to worry about that part.










placecards 004.JPG

Originally Posted by KathyW View Post

Hey Lisa,

Do you have a template for your place cards? I need to do this as well but dont want to spend a lot of money but the resort just requires each guest be identified for what meal selection they chose. What are you doing for yours? Also what are you doing for your card guest book instructions? We also plan to do this type but not sure how to present it to our guests...Are you bringing post cards with you or buying them in Cancun?        Help!!!! :)

Originally Posted by lisadias View Post

I am so behind after only a day of not keeping up lol

Prima welcome to our thread!!! So glad you are now going to be there the same week as me and I can spy in on your event hehe don't stress as it will all come together and we can always borrow anything that I have done if you ever get the chance to go through the thread since we are at the same resort!

Bailey your bouquet is stunning!!! Sorry to hear you are having drama too and I think you did the right thing!!!!

Tenny-glad you still LOVE your dress. I think I have come up wtih a solution for mine where I LIKE it a little more.

Meggers- WE ARE NEIGHBOURS, I live in Brampton and that eyelash place sounds like a great deal, I may be interested too so keep us posted on how it goes!


Oh lord my to do list!!!


See seamstress to get FI measured for his suit.

See seamstress can fix my dresses!!!

Work on playlist

Print out placecards

print welcome letters

print memory frame poem

print postcard guestbook instructions

Don't think I will get all this done but it's a start!


postcard wording.doc

Monogram labels for placecards table1final.doc

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Thanks ladies, I think he looks handsome too Brandy! smile159.gif


So I put together all my lanyards and started on the placecards about. I decided to go with my favorite logo for the front of the lanyard and the other logo with the explanation of what it is for on the back. I am happy with them and love the color of the lanyards. I also did a test with those water beads for the vases and they look good but take 8-10 hours to form and then you empty out any of the excess water.


Going to switch up the list a bit and try and figure how much STUFF I need to bring down with me and how many suitcases I will need. Oh boy I don't think this is going to be a good thing. I have WAY TOO much stuff.

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Lisa, good luck with sorting out your luggage requirements. I'm worried about that too. Can I ask how you plan to use the water beads? For your DW or AHR. We bought a bunch of those as well as LED lights, but I'm not sure yet how to use them. I was thinking of just filling vases with both.

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Hey Lisa! I just realized we'll both be in the Mayan at the same time! I actually leave Mexico on your wedding day! And Ivan Luckie is my photog too! I wonder if we're bringing down any similar items, maybe there are some things I can leave there for you! I think I am going to buy vases when I get there, but I'm going to bring down some little white buckets for favors etc. I'm also bringing down paper lanterns in teal and lime. What are your wedding colors?

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Where are you getting married? I will be there during Lisa's wedding week too (same resort as her as well) and would love to be able to use anything you would want to leave behind! I won't have the money to buy decorations and stuff, which sucks.

I think Lisa's and my wedding colors are almost the same too! Blue, Green & White (beige for me).

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Hey Meggers

My colors are the same as yours!!! I've been wanting to get lanterns but figured I wouldn't have room for any. What resort are you at? So far i am bringing down, chair bows, linen napkins, placecards, centerpieces inclulding vases which is what I will be using the waterbeads for Mocha, candles, cake toppers, starfish, all the stuff for my guest, frames, fans, gifts for bridesmaids and BM, colored material for the pergola decorations, and I can't think of the rest right now. My grandmother has my sand ceremony stuff and maracas that she is bringing from florida.

Hanna, your wedding is the night before I leave but you can use the chair bows that one of the other brides lft me down there already. I need to take mine back with me for my AHR. Any of my other stuff you can use if you want I will just need to have it all back friday night so I can pack it early saturday as we leave that morning.

Tenny here is a pre-travel brochure template if that is what you are referring too. It is not complete as I actually finished it on vista print (mine) but I have another one from another bride that I will post also.










Pre-Travel_Brochure-my template.ppt


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That would be super!! What color are the chair bows that the other bride has left for you? Whatever I can use will help, and I will get it back to you before you leave. Our group is not as big as yours so I doubt I need a lot of stuff. 

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