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April 2011 Brides

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Originally Posted by APOLA2035 View Post


Dear April 2011 Brides,


Please forgive to be an intruder in this topic. I'm actually a May bride, but I think this group is way more supportive than the other ones that I found, so I decided to introduce myself and share with you the joy of this blog friendship if you all accept me of course :)


Wow, funny you say that...


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Hey girls, I've been kind of MIA. Going back to work has seriously taken a toll on my wedding planning time, which is probably a good thing so I don't keep spending money! On a happy note, despite the fact that my parents were less than supportive on our last phone call, today I got a very nice happy call from them after they received my pre-travel brochure. They kept commenting how nice it looks and everything (they don't know how easy vistaprint is...and I think I'll keep it that way).  Anyway, it seems like the pre-travel brochure is a good way to get people excited, my FMIL and FFIL were fighting over who could take it to work first to show their colleagues.


Tenny, I know it's already been said a billion times, but that girl has no place in your wedding. It's your one day to make it all about you and if she has the audacity to invite her friends to come to your wedding, there's no telling what kind of other drama that will ensue.


Welcome Apola, these girls are great (which I'm sure you already know by now)


Laura, that is the hottest pic! I so cannot wait to do my shoot, only a few more pounds before I'm ready and then I know FI is going to love it!


My final Vistaprint order has shipped, 9 days early!  I will not buy anything else from them, I will not buy anything else from them, I will not buy anything else from them....


As far as FI attire, we have yet to get it, but he did show my some pictures online of what he wants to wear and it's basically linen pants and a linen popover type shirt.  We still have to go to a store and try stuff on, he doesn't want to buy anything online without first knowing how it looks on him. He's probably going to be wearing flip flops too.  I'll be in flip flops as well (blingy, but still flip flops)


I can't believe it's almost February!!!

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Welcome APOLA

I am also staying at the Royal and getting married on April 6th but doing the actual wedding at the Gran Caribe becuase they have more venues for wedding/reception. I know what you mean about being depressed and trying on dresses...I feel that way when I put on my dress right now! I keep finding other ones I like more and its making me sad that Im not super excited about wearing my dress now... I feel fat in it as well and havent been as motivated as I was hoping after the new yr to get my butt back to the gym..Im hoping that I will soon find the motivation!!! Ugh!!! My advice to you is dont settle just to have a dress... Try lots on and think about it..I wish I would have waited because I probably would have picked a different dress! lol

Have you decided on your photographer yet? What are your details? So excited to have another Royal bride on here :) Good luck with the planning, and being on this forum will be a life saver for ya! :)

Originally Posted by APOLA2035 View Post

You girls are awesome! Thanks for the warm welcome. I get married May 28th at the Royal Cancun. After I started to follow you guys, I realized that is sooooooo much to do and I count on you to give me strength. LOL.


What I've done so far:


1. Website




2. Bought a white aisle runner and will place lavender petals (the resort only has red carpet and I want everything to be matching :)


3. sent my invitations


Passaporte Invitation


4. Order handcriefs for the girls of the bridal party (I already know they will all be crying LOL)







5. Order engraved flask for the males briday party (will post the engraved picture when I get home) 








6. I'll be having a cocktail hour at the beach, so the first order give away to guests will be the sleepers




Ana Paula e Nigel.just married.jpg


I'm in a seach of my dress and went to 1 place already, but got so depressed with the way I look. I gained so much weight, tried 10 dresses and all looked horrible in my body. I need to start working on a diet plan for me this week because I don't want to cry anymore


 This weekend, my plans are:


joining the gym

work on welcome totes with first aid, t-shirts, koozies, etc

and see what other ideas you've shared so I have a better, stronger and more sucessful planning


I can't thank you all enough for all ideas and sharing your feelings. I feel the same way as you all. I will keep posting as soon as other things arrive

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We got my FI his suit from stuido suits as well and we just got it and LOVE IT!!! His is all white linen and its super sexy!!! Im really happy with their work and for 100 bucks you cant beat it! Just be careful if you do custom measurements, my FI"s came back more on the snug side but it still looks super flattering on him... You will be happy!!!! :)

Originally Posted by Teira1031 View Post

Mocha - your FI sounds amazing, taking care of you when you're "Sick" ... he is going to LOVE your BD pics! Im doing mine next saturday and im so nervoux/exciting/anxious!

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

Thanks for the nice comments ladies. It is so hard to keep a secret from FI, I felt sick the day I did the shoot because I had to lie to him about being home early. And then he was so sweet taking care of me because I said I was home sick!


Bailey - totally do the iron-on thing. Otherwise it will be way over priced. I got my "BRIDE" iron-on from Michaels for $1.


I don't think I will do too much wedding stuff this weekend, maybe just browse for OOT items. Unless there's a good Michaels sale, then I might work on ceremony programs and place cards. Oh, and start ordering the photo book for FI.

 Apola~ Welcome to the group! This is such an amazing group of girls on here! We're happy to have you :)


Weekend to do list (my weekend started today)

* went to try on suits for FI this morning, he decided on all black so i'll be ordering it from StudioSuits.com since its so much cheaper

* Working out like crazy to get ready for BD shoot next saturday

* figure out outfits for BD shoot

* figure out how the heck im going to come up with all the money i still need to come up with before the wedding! I thought a DW was going to be less expensive than an at home wedding but it sure has added so quickly and the wedding date is coming full speed!

* printing luggage tags, menus, iron-on transfers for OOT bags, maraca tags

* making my "Just Married" swim suit

* deciding my TTD out of the 4 that i have purchased! pretty soon i'll have anough wedding dresses to open a bridal shop at my house.... msnwink.gif

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I 2nd that... You girls are very inspiring! I need to get my lazy butt up and start moving!!! Im going to strive for 5 days a week an hour a day!!! Thanks girls, You all Rock!!!!

Originally Posted by lisadias View Post

Wow Brandy that is dedication. To do an hour everyday. You are my hero!!!!

K that's it, if you guys can all do this I need to stop making excuses like im too busy on the computer and phone planning stuff and get my ass on that treadmill or do a video every day. Even if it is 30minutes a day it's better than nothing or only 4 times a week.

Hutchets-that's some pretty big accomplishments this passed week, congrats!

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Hi! My FI is wearing a white suit from studiosuits.com with a ocean blue shirt and white flip flops! He tried it on the other day and I was like WOW!!! Seeing him in his outfit will definitely be the best part of the whole day!!! YAY!

Originally Posted by greysgirl View Post

Originally Posted by Lua View Post


I actually made a crazy decision fitness-wise yesterday...... lol  i'm going to keep going as is for the next 3 weeks and then i will be starting a 12 week-long training program to run a HALF MARATHON!!!! :o!!  My goal race is May 22, so i'm going to start my 12-week training plan a week early as I don't see myself running 19 miles during my week in Jamaica!! haha so i'm going to take a week off for the trip and maybe only do one or two runs when i'm south. it's pretty crazy, but i'm excited!!  My training officially starts Feb 22 and from then on i'll be running 4X a week!

Yaaay Lua!  I am a runner and love when people discover running and get excited.  I heard an Oprah quote once that said, "Running is a great metaphor for life, because you truly get out of it what only you put into it".  If you have a good base built, you'll be fine only running once while you're in Jamaica.  I'm running a 1/2 the weekend after my Vegas bachelorette party....I may still be legally drunk when I do it.  LOL!  What plan are you using to train with?  I met Hal Higdon this year at the Chicago Marathon expo and he has some great plans that I've used for other races.  Keep us posted!  You'll cross the finish line of that race and be hooked:)


Theresa you rocked out a long list of wedding to do's.  Way to go!!


For all of you ladies who are losing some serious pounds and toning up for your weddings, I'm super impressed!  Keep up the good work!


Does everyone have their FI's wedding day attire already?  We have looked a little bit but aren't sure what to get for him. I'd like him in a suit (since I already got the purple tie from Nordy's when I ordered my TTD) but he's worried he'll be hot.  My dress is a little too formal to have him in a short sleeved shirt I think.  Are any of your FIs wearing flip flops with their suits?


I also agree....having this forum, & this thread for that matter, is so nice to share in our excitement and planning!!



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Kathy I am so glad to hear that you love the suit and the quality because I was worried it was going to be too thin and very see through. How long did it take for shipping? I know you are in the states so it may have been faster than to canada but just to get an idea of my deadline to order. Where did you get the ocean blue shirt from? Was it linen as well?

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Wow, I was going for maybe 16 hours, if that... and I come back to 45 new messages!!!  I'm sick of training new employees, I miss everything!!!



So, FI has not gotten his suit either, we are going to be taking care of that tomorrow. ::fingers crossed::


Last night, I finally made the ultimate decision regarding an issue that has been bothering me for awhile...  I will be walking down the aisle alone, my father will not be escorting me.  After the big fight he started with me last night (over something REALLY childish), I don't feel he deserves to play that special roll.  I had gone over to my parents to drop off their luggage tags and pre-travel brochure, and pick up some money from my mother, to find she wasn't there.  I was a little bothered, because she knew I was coming...but whatever.  When I ask where my mother was, my father insists that she's SOMEWHERE out there because her truck was there.  Well, ya, that's great and all, but her car was gone.... He decided it was necessary to fight over the fact that he didn't care that her car was gone, he was sure she took her truck.  Clearly that wasn't the case...because she wasn't there, and her car was gone.  Anyway, long story short... when my mom got home, I was getting into my car, and told her that I'd come back when her husband (yes, my father), wasn't there because I wasn't going to deal with his ridiculous ways any longer.  I guess when she got in the house, he completely lied to her about the whole conversation and told her that I did something else....  Finally, later in the evening (when my mother would talk to me again), she realized that he had lied to her all along. 

My father and I have never had the greatest relationship.  Him and I have pretty much the same personality, and we never agree.  I wasn't sure until last night what to do, because although he has said something in the last few years... he's still my father.  But, after EVERYTHING, I've decided just because he's my father.... doesn't mean he deserves the priviledge of "giving me away." 


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