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April 2011 Brides

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Tris - I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandfather....treasure these last days with him and the will always be foremost in your memory.



My weekend wedding tasks


I have to pick up my cake topper

Go to the bra store to have one custom made for my dress

I need to get a tie clip for FI - he just told me he wants one.

And again pick up some more clothing for both of us for our trip

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Thanks for the nice comments ladies. It is so hard to keep a secret from FI, I felt sick the day I did the shoot because I had to lie to him about being home early. And then he was so sweet taking care of me because I said I was home sick!


Bailey - totally do the iron-on thing. Otherwise it will be way over priced. I got my "BRIDE" iron-on from Michaels for $1.


I don't think I will do too much wedding stuff this weekend, maybe just browse for OOT items. Unless there's a good Michaels sale, then I might work on ceremony programs and place cards. Oh, and start ordering the photo book for FI.

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finally a break in my work!!!! (busy week!


Brandy - glad your paperwork made it there safe and sound! :)


BIG thing on my wedding agenda this weekend --- Picking up my DRESS!!! :)  Alterations are done, so FI and I are making the 4hr trek to my hometown tomorrow night (really hoping there's no surprise snow storms along the way!).  I have an appointment with the seamstress at 11 on saturday and she said if it's still too long, or too short, she will fix it right then and there. So I'm for sure taking it home! :) 


The other cool thing is that I requested that she keep all of the extra fabric (theres A LOT that was to come off). I'm looking forward to seeing how much there is because I've recently bought a pattern for a super cute dress that i'm going to try and make With that fabric!! The plan is to wear that dress for the rehersal dinner and then at the AHR. :)  Ideally there will be enough fabric left for the whole dress, if not here's hoping there's enough for the skirt portion!

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You girls are awesome! Thanks for the warm welcome. I get married May 28th at the Royal Cancun. After I started to follow you guys, I realized that is sooooooo much to do and I count on you to give me strength. LOL.


What I've done so far:


1. Website




2. Bought a white aisle runner and will place lavender petals (the resort only has red carpet and I want everything to be matching :)


3. sent my invitations


Passaporte Invitation


4. Order handcriefs for the girls of the bridal party (I already know they will all be crying LOL)







5. Order engraved flask for the males briday party (will post the engraved picture when I get home) 








6. I'll be having a cocktail hour at the beach, so the first order give away to guests will be the sleepers




Ana Paula e Nigel.just married.jpg


I'm in a seach of my dress and went to 1 place already, but got so depressed with the way I look. I gained so much weight, tried 10 dresses and all looked horrible in my body. I need to start working on a diet plan for me this week because I don't want to cry anymore


 This weekend, my plans are:


joining the gym

work on welcome totes with first aid, t-shirts, koozies, etc

and see what other ideas you've shared so I have a better, stronger and more sucessful planning


I can't thank you all enough for all ideas and sharing your feelings. I feel the same way as you all. I will keep posting as soon as other things arrive

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apola - welcome! welcome!!! you should defintiely stick around here (we're quite the chatty bunch and it's awesome!)  looks like you're on the right track with what you have done! everything looks great!!!

i also love those flipflops! where did you get them?

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Welcome Apola!! WE sure are a chatty bunch lol but that is one of the best parts of this thread, the best would be the supportive and kind ladies. You are sure to get plenty of help here.

I agree with everyone, those flip flops are so cool! I haven't seen that look before. And I might have to steel your idea for the parents with the poem too!


Lua I hope you posts pics once you get back. Can't wait to see it fit perfectly on you! :) I can barely sew a button on let alone make a dress, kudos to you!

So happy for you Brandy that your papers got there, no more stress on that front.

Tris good luck at the bank. Buying your first home together will be great. Currently FI lives with me in my house but we can't wait to get our own house which hopefully will be sooner than later but I don't forsee that for at least a year or two max. The inlaws want us closer so that when we have kids it's easy for them to take care of them. NO daycare costs!!!! YAY

Ok so I have lost track of what else I previously read to comment on lol My brain is fried this week. Too many plans, emails, appointments.

Wish me luck ladies I am off for my first trainer workout. Met with her last week, starting eating better on Monday and lost 3 pounds in three days YIPEEEE!!!!!! 




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Lisa, I started with a trainer too!!! I started last Monday, you are gonna love it!!! It kick my butt though lol, but you feel great once youve completed it! How long are you doing it for?

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