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Ok I think I've gotten myself all caught up! ;)


Erin - LOVE the dress! having a corest is also a great idea (that's my fav part about mine) plus, you won't need to wear a bra! ;)  As for the koozies, FI and I talked about it over the weekend and decided to save the $ and forget about them. I'll be placing the cheaptotes order today - just for the bags.


PurpleUnicorn - Welcome!!!! :)


Teira - OMG your daughter is adorable! I want to squeeze her to bits! hehe ;)


Francine - that's suck a cool picture!!


Brandy - your guests are some lucky people! your OOT bags are going to be incredible!!!!!


...I had a not so productive weekend AGAIN! ugh! we've been so busy!!! Saturday was a wash away as FI had to go into work (I went with him) and yesterday I was feeling like crap (fighting a cold) but still had to go out and work (in -22deg weather!) then we had groceries and such.... Need to get my luggage tags finished!

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I had a productive weekend too - I feel like almost everything is now crossed off my list!  This weekend I finished up all my travel mugs, including personalizing them with everyone's names, FI decided he actually does like his suit after trying it on again, so no need to order a new one, we finished all the gifts for GM, BMs, flower girl and ring bearer, and I found cake boxes.  We also confirmed that my father and all the groomsmen have ordered their pants/shirts for the wedding.


The only things left on our list are:

- minor alterations for my dress and FI's suit

- exchange FIs wedding band for a smaller size

- get the prongs on my e-ring shaved down to sit flush with my wedding band

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oh yeah, and get vases for the sand ceremony - tris - where did you find the ones you got?  I've actually been looking for acrylic ones in the kitchen container aisle but haven't come across any - I looked at superstore, walmart etc.  I would love to know where you found yours!

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Perfect - there's one right by my house!  Thanks!


Originally Posted by tris View Post

lsmith - I got them at Winners. I see you're in Calgary so hopefully you have one somewhere around? They were 7.99 each.

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No problem! Hopefully you have luck! I'd been looking EVERYWHERE for them and I just happened to be there looking for something else and I came across them. Why are these so hard to find?!?!

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Originally Posted by KathyW View Post

Hey girls, I think its been a while since Ive actually posted. I am always reading everyones posts and feel involved but then I realize I havent actually posted in several months. So this is me trying to contribue to the conversations! :) hehe

Ok so I need your help...Im having a really hard time trying to figure out a good hair flower or head band decor to go with my dress. Brandy, I think you are the one who is the super shopper online so maybe you can help! :) Im also kinda sad cause Im not super in love with my dress but figure its a good fit for a destination wedding but it doesnt make me feel like a princess or anything lol Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions. Im going to wear my hair down with extensions and a tousled look. I was hoping to have a flower that goes behind my ear and white...my flowers in my bouquet are turquoise gerberas and yellow roses... Any help would be much appreciated, its starting to stress me out a little!

Thanks girls, you are the best!!!


My dress




White Rose Flower Feather Bridal Hair Clip



2 Rhinestone Diamond White English Rose Flower Hair Clips




Something Blue Crystal Rhinestone White Sandrinne Gardenia Mini Bridal Hair Flower



Pearl White Sandrine Gardenia Mini Bridal Hair Flower



Something Blue Rhinestone Diamond White English Rose Flower Hair Clip




Crystal Rhinestone White Sandrinne Gardenia Mini Bridal Hair Flower



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Ok so a productive one for me too! Booked meeting with AHR DJ when I go home in Feb and meeting with the caterer. Got pricing for cupcakes for the AHR. Got flower pricing for Mexico. Found discounted rate on our trip. Sold my linens(tablecloths and chair covers) pending one thing to check. Found out shipping cost for FIs suit. Emailed wedding coordinator about DJ, Flowers and Room upgrades. Found a plastic basket for the ceremony fans i am going to use. Found Ferry timetable and pricing for my trips between islands on my honeymoon. Spoke to a slush machine rental company about getting one for my AHR and pricing. Picked wine bottle tops for the wine at my AHR and Figured out week itinerary while at the resort for restaurants and excursion days!


Thanks Mocha I will check out the site.

I found a girl selling 49 3x3x3 cupcake or cake boxes for 20$, do you think this is a good deal for those that have been researching them?

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