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Hello Everyone!

My name is Tricia and I am from Austin, Texas. I have been trying to plan our wedding since May of this year and have bounced from Playa del Carmen to Austin and back to Playa del Carmen. I believe after all my research of Austin weddings we are now sticking with Playa del Carmen. Playa is so much more appealing in so many ways. Now I have to take the next giant step of selecting a location. I am finding this decision so difficult. We don't have a date yet but are shooting for Spring of 2008. I feel like I am running out of time. msncry.gif

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Hey Welcome! This is a great site and unfortunately found this site later in my planning stage. Everyone here is so helpful and NICE!


Anyway, we just got married in Playa del Carmen. We didnt' have an AI thing so everything was planned a la carte...


We stayed at the Shangri-la Caribe...beautiful resort (semi-AI..comes with breakfast and dinner) and got married at the resort next door (Las Palapas). My first choice would of been at Shangri-la but, they were all booked.


A few other ladies here are planning a Playa del Carmen wedding and are going the AI route, if that's what you're looking in to. They'll be more than happy to help, i'm sure!


Let me know if you want anymore info and GL!

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I am looking for a AI where I can have a beach ceremony (at least have the ocean as a background), private reception outdoors, and a nice resort where we would want to spend our honeymoon and my guests can afford to stay. Well I have seen all the wonderful pictures of EDR that are posted and really love it. I need to look more into pricing. I am concerned about the room pricing for my guests. I know that they have many different types of rooms but are the junior suites reasonable enough.

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