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Leaving on Sunday and dress... Doesn't fit!!!

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#11 katrinkit35

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    Posted 16 March 2010 - 01:20 AM

    Does it annoy you when your halo follows you?

    I would be flipping out, and you are so calm! Kudos to you!

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!

    #12 ~*DiAnE*~

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      Posted 16 March 2010 - 09:54 AM

      Hey Ladies - Thanks for the support! Well the new lady said that the other lady appeared to not know what she was doing in the back so basically made a mangled mess (I didn't even see all the mess til I went to the new lady) but the good news is she said it will be good as new by Friday and I leave Sunday so YAY!!! I did pay the first lady 1/2 of what she wanted because she did hem it and take the top in nicely, it's so beaded and intricate that I think maybe it was either too hard for her to get the waist right, or was having a bad day or something.. oh well I will just cut my losses and move on.. I'm sure it will be great! Thanks again for the nice comments :)

      #13 kate.com


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        Posted 16 March 2010 - 10:14 AM

        Good luck!!! I really hope it works and think it is great that you have such a good attitude about everything:) It'll pay off I am sure.

        #14 vlynnw

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          Posted 16 March 2010 - 10:50 AM

          That's awful news, and what a terrible attitude for the woman at the store to have. I hope this other lady can help you out and get it right before you leave.
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          #15 mrs.timpone

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            Posted 16 March 2010 - 11:39 AM

            o god this is like my worse fear! you make sure you do not give her any of your $$!!! this is one of the most, if not THE most important part of your day!

            #16 ablj209

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              Posted 16 March 2010 - 01:17 PM

              Oh wow! I hope the dress turns out okay! I agree with the previous posts, I wouldn't pay this woman for mangling your dress, even if she did hem it nicely.. you should send her the bill for the 2nd seamstress!

              #17 wendyjd

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                Posted 17 March 2010 - 01:32 AM

                Diane, I'm glad things seem to be working out. TG for the 2nd seamstress. I love your calm and level-headedness. I'd be ranting, raving and crying all at the same time esp with the wedding so close.

                Enjoy your big day!!

                #18 Jules

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                  Posted 17 March 2010 - 07:53 AM

                  So glad to hear things are working out! I agree with everyone else, what a great attitude to have so close to leaving. I am leaving in a week and a half and had dress issues as of yesterday. I hadled it well in the store, but not at home! I let loose a little on FI, oops. He understands. Had to take the afternoon off work to get it resolved, but it is what it is at this point. Congrats again that you found someone good to work on your dress.

                  #19 Island Bride

                  Island Bride
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                    Posted 17 March 2010 - 03:46 PM

                    Oh no! So sorry girl! Im getting my TTD like mega last minute so I'm really worried about it not fitting and going thru the same problem! I tried to put a rush on it, but the rush isnt much of a rush for the money! I hope you get this worked out! This is truly a brides worst nightmare!


                    #20 Mischaka

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                      Posted 17 March 2010 - 04:01 PM

                      wow!!! glad you are able to find someone who can fix it. I really don't think I would have been that calm though. you're great for that!!!

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