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Attachment 4722




Attached is a close up / PDF of the file for the boarding pass.


I am graphic design / marketing coordination.


I designed everything in Indesign CS4 and then had everything printed.


I bought 8.5 x 11 magnet sheets with adhesive backs from oriental trading and then attached the front of the boarding passes to the magnet sheet. I cut everything out and assemebled it. Please let me know if anyone would use the indesign files. The flowers on the envolope and magnet are vector based. I got them from DryIcons.com - Free Icons and Vector Graphics. They have tons of beautiful designs there. I think i got the script font from dafonts.com



Boarding Pass_1.pdf

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Click the image to open in full size.


Finnally Figuered out how to post pics


I could probably do these for other people if they didnt mind using something similar to the template I already created in regards to size. I believe its 3.5 x 8 inches for the magenet. If they wanted something custom it would take more time. The envolope is about 8.5 x 11 with maybe 4 folds. It is printed double sided.


When I first started my STD's I wasnt able to find boarding passes that where also full magnets. So I decide to make my own. I have designed a lot of stuff from tradeshows and other promo pieces so it wasnt very difficult. I contacted a bunch of STD vendars and magnet manufactors and no one would do them because I wanted a small size run. I printed 50. The magnet sheets came really handy and were very easy to cut.


I will try to post better pictures tonight. The camera didnt really focus the text at all.

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