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Just married and still here at the RIU

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Hi, ladies!! I'm sitting here in the lobby taking advantage of the free wifi and thought I'd make a quick post.


My wedding wAs yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous!!! It was super humid but we made it!!


Chandelyn's assistant Roxiana was the best .. She is very good with designing she used everything I brought and will leave for future brides :-)


We went with the mento band, huppa, and instead of the poolside reception .. I used the outdoor pavilion they have ... It was setup like a lounge .. We went in town and bought premium liquor (patron etc) and had a minibar instead of open bar. It kinda ended up being the same because we had mixers and 2 bartenders ...it was just so hot last night there was no breeZe blowing .. My flowers were from florAl fantasies in Negril and they were gorgeous!! I spent about $950 on 4 bouquets, 6 bouts, 1 corsage, 2 huppa arrangemts, 30 loose orchid stems, and 3 bags of rose petals .. My flowers were all roses and orchids so that was a good deal.


Aside from the flowers, the free package for 24 people with All that was $1100 .. I brought my iPod dock so I didn't need their speakers or dj


ThAt's all I can think of right now .. I'll post some pics when I get home ..

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