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So I just ordered some invitations for Monica's Bachelorette party from this site I just found. Anyway, wanted to share it with you guys 'cause I literally ordered from them 10 minutes ago and I'm already impressed with their service!


I submitted an order for some cute invites they had on sale and accidentally ordered more than they had in stock. It said right on the page that they only had 2 sets left and because I'm a nerd, I ordered 3. I had JUST printed out the invoice copy when my cell started ringing...it was the company calling to let me know they'd received the order but didn't have enough in stock. She said she'd double check their stockroom and call me back...just in case they had more than were listed on the site. She checked and called me back within 10mins. Offered to credit my account w/ them, refund on my amex, help me pick out a new style...whatever. The girl I spoke to was just REALLY sweet and helpful. So I had her just cancel the order and then I picked out a new style and placed an order for that. I should get the proof tomorrow sometime...I'll be sure to show you guys!


Anyway, I was very impressed - personal service from an online company. Love it!! cheer2.gif


So check it out...


Welcome to dori ann's stationery boutique

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Yay! I got the proof for the invite already!!


I have been trying desparately to post it...but I think it's either too big or in the wrong format. If any of you superstars have some advice for me I'd appreciate it! :-)


When I saved a copy to my desktop (wanted to edit out a little personal info) it downloaded/saved in Microsoft Paint...which I thought we could use on here...but maybe it's too big and I just can't figure out how to make it smaller. blush2.gif

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