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My shell for ringbearer

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I just wanted to post because I'm really happy about what happened... I was telling my 7 year old nephew Josh about how I want him to find a good shell so he can carry up our rings at the wedding. He told me that my dad and him collected a bunch of shells on the beach last summer and he saved them, so could he use one of those? My dad passed away suddenly last September, so I thought this would be a great way to incorporate something. When we went to look at the shells, I saw that my dad had drawn on each of them, i.e. a flag, a shark, a person, etc. He also drew a shamrock on one of them...he was so into his Irish heritage. So, we're going to use that one. I love it!


(Sorry, I was so excited, I posted this in the wrong section!!!)

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Oh that is wonderful!!! What a great way to incorporate that shell!


After reading your post I just called my Mom (who has my nephews at their beach house for the week) and told her to put the little guys on a mission for 2 shells that we can use (since they are both ring bearers!) Thanks for the great idea!!!

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