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Why is it that we can feel that we have all the time in the world to get things done and suddenly you realize that you've fallen way behind? Or is that just me? I realized with 70 days let to go to our wedding and no invites sent - and barely anyone booked - that something needed to get done FAST!


We decided to create a PDF invite and to send it our via email. We are also using Online Invitations, party planning and event management from pingg to track the RSVP. This saves us $$$ and as well saves us in having to wait for the postal system to get the invite there and RSVP back.


The downside is that it doesn't give the same feeling, and that we don't have something printed to hold onto. And I created a PDF that is too large to email out! LOL. We had to use a file hosting site.


Regardless, I'm super happy with our invitations - I think that my DIY turned out great!


Feel free to check out the file here - sorry, it's kinda big! :P



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I think it is a great idea. For those of your family members that are not computer savvy, you can print it on nice card stock and just mail it in a nice large envelope.. great job!

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