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Post your Chuppah pics and inspiration pics!

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I love the entire set-up, especially the benches, really simple and elegant. Our hotel only has wooden chairs...I'm bummed.


Originally Posted by Amanda+Dave View Post

We finally decided on our ceremony set up ... it's beautiful.


We were originally going to go with a company the villa concierge recommended, but after dozens of unreturned e-mails I found my own vendor and she has been great for responding. One week after contact I have a quote ... and for the entire ceremony set up, benches, chuppa etc. and reception set up, tables, chairs and linens, it will cost around $650 incuding delivery and set up!!!


Here is what it will look like. I might add some aqua organza to tie the white material. Not sure yet. But I am in love with the benches ... only $80 for the 10 we will need




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Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post

I just wanted to give a little advice here..


One word of caution when addding COLOR to  your Chuppah's....  Usually, the color will act like a filter to the sun, and suddenly bride + groom become PINK, or GREEN or even BLUE.   So, in your photos, your skin actually becomes those colors.


Sound Crazy?      Its very real,  I'd say Pink has to be the biggest problem, just avoid too much color as it will damage your photos with skin tones that are just the same color!


I'll try to find some photo examples...


good luck


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