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Going Dress Shopping Today!!

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Try on as many as you can, especially the ones you think you will hate...sometimes those end up being the favorites!


And remember, have fun!!! And don't forget it's your dress, not your mom's, your best friends, your FI's, etc...make sure you get the type of dress you've always wanted!


And of course, come back with as many details as possible!

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You just hit 1000 posts Shell!


My advice is to try on only a few each time you visit a store as it can be overwhelming. I tried on 10 in one store and I couldn't really remember the first ones, so I ahd to try them on again.


I found my dress in the very first store I went to, but I tried on dresses in other places, just to be sure.


Be sure to find something you are comfortable in and you still feel like yourself, remember you have to sit stand, dance...


Good luck and let us know how it went!

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Originally Posted by TammyB View Post
Take your camera.. :-)
Try on dresses you may not normally think to try on
Set a limit on a dress and DON'T try on one that is over that limit.
& have fun...
great idea!! I am settting a limit and keeping my fingers crossed!!
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Where are you going to look?


By the way, what part of Maryland are you from? I was born in Silver Spring (even though my parents moved back to NY when I was only a couple months old) and I have family outside of Baltimore too. I grew up spending my summers in MD. I was on the Cal Ripken Jr. fan club too - how dorky.

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