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Jellyfish Restaurant

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#601 Liz T

Liz T
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    Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:51 AM

    . . .  here's a few more.

    candy table.jpg













    #602 mimiq

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      Posted 19 November 2011 - 02:35 PM

      Hi LizT,


      Your wedding looked beautiful!  I loved your pic of the candy buffet and I was wondering if you brought down your own vases or if Mayte was able to provide them for you.  Same question for the candy I guess!  As far a photographer goes, we are looking for something similar where you just get a dvd with all the pics (edited too).  Is that what you guys did?  I was just on Michael's website and noticed he had a package like that, but did not have a price with it.  Would you mind sharing that?


      Oh, one other thing :)  I know the beach at JF isn't private so I wondered how busy it was with other people and if was a problem for you (or any other previous brides!).  We are hoping to stay at the ME and might do the ceremony there and reception at JF (or maybe just everything at JF!) and I hesitate about the beach at resorts because I know you can often get randoms pretty close by.  Was any of that a problem for you?


      thanks and congratulations!!

      #603 Liz T

      Liz T
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        Posted 19 November 2011 - 04:19 PM

        Mimiq, We brought the candy down to Mayte, she provided the vases for threw candy and put it all together. (she did an awesome job). I had sent her a picture of a candy table she had done at a previous wedding and she did the same for me. As for the photographer Michael weiler, if you email him he will send you his priclist. We only had pictures of the ceremony, some family pics after, then did a ttd session. He charged$700, but prices may have changed since we booked. He did an awesome job though, and we had a dvd of 700 shots before we left punta cana (edited) I would highly recommend doing everything at the jellyfish. The ME is nice, but there are so many people around all the time. The beach at the jellyfish was not private but there are much fewer people there and you get a much more personal and quaint wedding! The spot for the beach wedding at the ME is on the beach between the Collonial and the Elegance beaches . . . Lots of people around! There were a few randoms walking down the beach, but no one bothered us. There were also a few people that dined in the restauruant during the reception, but no one bothered us. We had a great time. We did not rent three whole restaurant. Definitely do the jellyfish, you will not be disappointed. (Also, the ME does up to 4 weddings per day, the jellyfish will never do more than one)

        #604 mimiq

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          Posted 20 November 2011 - 09:18 AM

          Thanks for your advice LizT!  Yeah, we won't do a beach wedding if we do it at the resort, pretty sure we'd only consider the gazebo because it seems a little more private.  Did you happen to see any gazebo weddings?  



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          #605 Liz T

          Liz T
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            Posted 20 November 2011 - 09:30 AM

            I saw the gazebo set up for a wedding a couple of times but never watched any of them.  It looked very pretty, though keep in mind that the gazebo is in the middle of the resort, it's not in a crowded spot where many people congregate, but many people do walk by to get from the beach/pool to the lobby or restaurants.  The grounds are kept very nice at the resort and it is very beautiful, but there will  be more poeple around than at the jellyfish.  I'd highly reccomend the jellyfish for both the wedding and reception!  It will be more catered to you and what you would like and Mayte works very hard to make everything perfect for you and for how you'd like the decorations.  It just feels more personalized.

            #606 CDNCouple09

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              Posted 20 November 2011 - 10:33 AM

              We are doing our ceremony at the Majestic Colonial and then the reception at the Jellyfish. We had already planned our wedding at the Majestic and then we changed our reception to the Jellyfish just a few months before. We talked about switching everything over but in the end decided to leave our ceremony at the Majestic because we qualified for the free one and we are having a 4pm ceremony which allows everyone the whole day to do what they want at the resort.Our photographer also told us that he prefers to do the sunset pictures at the Majestic compared to the Jellyfish so that also helped in our decision. If I would have planned from the beginning I would have probably just done it all at the Jellyfish but I am happy with our decision. I think both places will be beautiful!

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              #607 Bryjenbry

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                Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:15 PM

                Liz T & JLarruda your weddings came out beautifull!!!  VERY VERY VERY SIMILAR TO MINE, just different colors :)  Mayte is amazing ladies, she really does care about her brides.  She works extra hard for us :)   I'll post an real review when I have free time however here are some pictures for the time being.  


                JUST FYI - JELLYFISH and Mayte A+++

                Dreams Palm Beach - A

                HDC Photo - A++++  We absolutely loved Milan!








                Card table.jpg

                Escort Cards shown below were placed in front of the sand dollars.

                Escort Cards.jpg


                Indoor and outdoor ceremony... lol long story, I'll explain it later :) 






                Our very tasty and pretty dessert table

                Dessert Table.jpg

                #608 venus909

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                  Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:48 PM

                  I'm loving all the pictures fo the recent weddings at the Jellyfish!!!  All three weddings look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  I can't wait to read the reviews.  I hope you ladies don't mind, but I've got a million questions to ask...  as soon as I put them in writing and give you ladies some time to get settled into being back I'll post them :-)

                  #609 Sherio9090

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                    Posted 21 November 2011 - 10:44 AM



                    All the pictures and videos are amazing!  Each wedding had it's own unique and beautiful details and I can't wait to hear about the wonderful day from all of you.


                    Sounds like the fire dancers were a hit and that Mayte's house DJ is a great deal.  Congratulations to all three of you and hope you're relaxing and enjoying your honeymoon's or post celebration time.

                    #610 Mel2010

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                      Posted 21 November 2011 - 10:48 AM

                      Jessica, Liz & Jen :


                      I'm leaving for the DR is 3 days!!! Just took a quick peak at your pictures and all I can say is WOW - your weddings were SO beautiful. I love the colors!!! Can't wait to see more pictures, and chat with you ladies when I get back. I just had two questions for all of you.


                      1.  Jen, this question is for you, I was going to do a sweets table, but after seeing your desserts table, I'm loving this idea more!! Did you just request to have desserts from the JF menu to be placed on your dessert table with your wedding cake? Your cake looked fabulous by the way.


                      2. I noticed there are lanterns in most of your pictures, did you bring down the lanterns yourself, or does Mayte provide them in your wedding colors???


                      Thanks for answering my questions at the least minute!! LOL < I only got 3 days to figure this out!!!! YIKES!!!

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