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Jellyfish Restaurant

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    Posted 01 November 2011 - 06:37 PM

    HI Kristen! Do you know if the pre set dinner and open bar prices already inclue the taxes?

    also, is the $5 cocktail hour th e same for after the ceremony, before reception?



    Originally Posted by kristen6212 

    Here is some more info in the bar options cause I was kind of confused at first and asked Mayte.  The other option would be to pay a la carte for food and drinks I think.....

           Taxes 16 % food + drinks
       Drinks system:

       Cocktail hour: before ceremony 5 us per person
       Drinks for dinner: 8 us during all dinner time
       Party: after dinner 2/3 open bar hours.
    Hope this helps a little!


    #552 MNtoMX

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      Posted 01 November 2011 - 06:46 PM

      I just looked at my email and was incorrect in my statement about the 4th, it was January that was really full when we looked. We wanted a Friday... Have you heard from Mayte yet? She can be slow in responding but is really sweet and I have heard wonderful things about what she does!


      Originally Posted by torilynnsmith 

      Thanks ladies!


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        Posted 02 November 2011 - 06:09 AM

        We are doing the ceremony at ME and then our reception at the Jellyfish, so we are doing a cocktail hour for (I think) $5 per person, per hour.  We are doing a "dinner drinks" selection, and then the full open bar after that.  Decor for the restaurant (reception) is about $500, DJ is $200, and transportation in the super nice coach bus (I've seen pics on here somewhere of it) is $6 per person, roundtrip.


        I know the feeling with the cost of the resort.  Jelly fish doesn't look that much cheaper to start, but then again, you aren't paying a 26% service fee on top of your reception costs.


        Good luck!!!


        Originally Posted by torilynnsmith 

        I am sorry if this has already been asked.  I read through this thread awhile back but cannot remember the answer to these questions now that I am seriously considering the Jellyfish.


        - Is there a charge for having your ceremony there aside from the $500 for the beach set up?


        - does the $500 include a limited number of chairs?  We have approx 65 people currently and will likely wind up closer to 70+, will that $500 cover chairs for everyone at the ceremony?


        - Is there any charge to have your reception there?


        - Is the $10 per person per hour bar for dinner and reception?  Do they do a set price for open bar for the reception?


        Any pricing info that you ladies have planned for your days outside what is outlined in the wedding brochure would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! This is all so overwhelming considering changing with less than 100 days to go but I want to get all the details sorted out to see if it will work!!!!!


        Thank you thank you thank you, what would I do without you wonderful ladies!!


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        Liz T
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          Posted 02 November 2011 - 10:28 AM

          DJ is $200?  I'm confused.  On the Jellyfish pricing sheet it's $600, and on my preinvoice it's $600.  Did you negotiate it that low or did you mistype?  For no dj and a sound system Mayte charges $400

          #555 megsosborn

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            Posted 02 November 2011 - 11:09 AM


            Descripci³n Precio unitario TOTAL
            1 FOOD AND DRINKS BY CONSUM    
            1 RESTAURAN AND TABLES DECORATION   $       400.00  $         400.00
            1 CEREMONY SET ON THE BEACH AND LOUNGE AREA  $       400.00  $         400.00
              ON THE BEACH                  
            1 BONFIRE SET UP ON THE BEACH            $       200.00  $         200.00
            1 SOUND FOR IPOD              $       400.00  $         400.00
            1 WEDDING CAKE+CUP CAKES            $       250.00  $         250.00
            1 BRIDE BOUQUET AND BOTONIER+ FLOWERS FOR TABLES AND COCKTAIL HOU  $       400.00  $         400.00
            30 TRANSPOTATION ROUND TRIP            $          5.00  $         150.00
                              Subtotal   $2,200.00
            Medio de pago Seleccione uno…           Impuestos      
                        TOTAL   $2,200.00

            This was my invoice from Mayte.  Liz T - it costs $400 for a speaker set-up and it is an extra $200 to have her DJ there.  I believe that is what the girls were mentioning. :)

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              Posted 02 November 2011 - 11:16 AM


              This is part of the Jellyfish Wedding Brochure that Mayte sent to me.  If any of you would like a copy who haven't gotten it yet let me know your email address.  I don't know if any of these prices have changed, although I think the transportation charge per person went up $1, so from $5 to $6.  

              Wedding Planner Services

              FULL PROGRAM

              DESCRIPTION PRICE US $

              DJ & Sound 600,- US $

              Rock Band 1500,- US $

              Merengue Band 1500,- US $

              Karaoke 500,- US $

              Projector & Screen 300,- US $

              Laser light 600,- US $

              Exclusive use of the restaurant 1000,- US $

              Ceremony set on the beach 500,- US $

              Decoration place & tables (price for max 50 persons) 500,- US $

              Flowers & bride’s bouquet (price depending on types of flowers) N.A. US $

              Hairdresser & make up for brides (will come to your hotel) 300,- US $

              Couple of dominican dancers 150,- US $

              Dominican dances show by 6 couples 1000,- US $

              Dominican dances show with performers & live music 2000,- US $

              Fire shows option 1 (1 person, 2 fire toys, 5 minutes) 200,- US $

              Fire shows option 2 (2 person, 5 fire toys, 10 minutes) 300,- US $

              Fire shows option 3 (2 person, 7 fire toys, 15 minutes) 400,- US $

              Sky fire show (4 minutes) 900,- US $

              Person acting as a statue (1 hour for one statue) 175,- US $

              Transport service with Star bus 5,- US $

              Babysitter for children including activities 250,- US $

              Roller cigars (a cigar hand made for your guests) 300,- US $

              #557 venus909

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                Posted 02 November 2011 - 12:16 PM

                Hi Megs!  Once again...thanks for all the detailed info!!!


                Question...on your invoice I see that you had a bonfire set up.  Was that on during the whole reception or did they light it up towards the end? 

                #558 jlarruda

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                  Posted 02 November 2011 - 12:22 PM

                  As weddings get closer, I want to say that Mayte spends more time responding to those brides.. I heard from her 3 times yesterday, so rest assured that as it gets closer to your date you will hear more from her. 


                  Depending on how big your group is, there is flexibility in the menu and price wise for meals.. its not a set price.  I just got my final preinvoice (I'm a freak and making sure I have everything written down with me to take down there.. even though I'm sure it will change a bit when we meet with her :) and Mayte breaks it down for you in what you can pay by cash and what can be paid by credit.


                  This is our itinerary if anyone is interested:


                  2:00 Bus picks up Guests at Majestic

                  2:30 Guests Arrive/Welcome Cocktail (No charge from what I'm told)

                  3:00 Ceremony

                  3:30 Champagne toast

                  4:00 Cocktail hour

                  5:00 First dance/Bride & Father dance/Groom & Grandmother dance

                  5:30ish Dinner (drinks during this time is $8 the whole time- includes beer, red & white wine, soft drinks, juices and water)

                  7:30ish Dancing/Open Bar - we're paying for 2 hours, we may pay for an extra hour I'm thinking.. it would be a last minute thing and see how the night is going

                  9:30 Cake cutting/Dancing

                  10/10:30 Leave for the Majestic and whoever wants to continue partying at the disco :)

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                    Posted 02 November 2011 - 12:29 PM


                    Mayte had dug a bonfire pit, but since it was too windy we couldn't light it.  It was a bummer but we didn't really need it anyways :)


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                      Posted 02 November 2011 - 01:16 PM

                      Ladies, once again thank you for all the helpful details.

                      It's funny just when I think I've got stuff rolling in the right direction, I realize that I haven't even touched the important stuff.

                      Jlaruuda, thank you so much for sharing your group contact info at the ME and your current timeline.

                      Megs, as usual thank you so much for sharing your playlist. Lots of good stuff on there. My FI loves Rascle Flatts and they are playing at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence in January.  I don't know their music that well, but I think I might buy him tickets for his b-day if you're interested.

                      I can't wait to hear how the sparkler transporation turns out. I think they will look beautiful on the beach and since the wish lanterns seem to be out of the question, this seems like a much safer and fire friendly option.



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