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Mrs. LowUFO

Paradisus Rio De Oro vs. Paradisus Princesa del Mar

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I am getting maried at Paradisus Rio de Oro in Holguin in May 2011... we are getting down to the last few months before we go and I am trying to touch base with other brides who have had a LEGAL wedding in Cuba...


The Cuban Consulate clearly outlines the steps you need to take to validate your marriage however our wedding cooridnator at the resort is telling us that these steps are not necessary... our package seems to indicate that they will cover the legalization for us... which is great- but I want to make sure its legit...


Any brides have some advice for me... have you been legally married at Paradisus Rio de Oro?? 

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I was at the PRDO on vacation last year in December for the first time.  It is the best in the area supposedly and the food is really great (at the buffet)  ... it was very quiet though and most of the people there are mature couples, we ran into a few issues here and there just with staff not being too friendly but we're considering it for our wedding in November  2011.


They have a spa, just wondering about those brides who married there already where did you get your hair done?   At the spa or had someone come from the city, and do they do a good job?  


I can do my own makeup, but hair is not easy for me, especially for a special occasion like this. 

Any tips and ideas? 

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