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My new weight loss plan


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You would think my wedding (and wanting to look great in my dress) would be a huge motivater for losing weight. Well it's not. Earlier this year I did a weight loss pool at work and I ended up losing 28 pounds in 3 months, just by watching my calories and exercising. The only thing that motivated me was that there was a $1500 prize for the winner (I ended up winning by the way.) But since then I've gained back about 15 pounds. Anyway, I can't take this anymore. I need to loss 40 pounds quickly so I can go dress shopping - which I'm going to need to do VERY soon. But I know I'm never going to stick to WW. It's too much work for someone who HATES to cook.


So, I just placed my first order with Nutrisystem. I get all the food I need for a month and I can just pop it in the microwave. Plus, I'll end up getting a larger variety of foods this way. Rather than eating the same things over and over because I know how many points they are. And did I mention I don't have to cook - which I HATE!!! I should get my first shipment later this week. I'll let you know how it is.

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Jen I wish you luck. I know a girl who has lost 60 lbs on Nutrisystem. I have to agree with you on the cooking, I hate it, I love baking (very bad), but do not like cooking. So someone preparing all my meals sounds good to me as well. I just can't afford it right now :) Good Luck!!!cheer2.gif

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Jen, good luck! I can't wait to see how you do! I've been Medifast since January and have lost 30+ pounds, but am now needing to pump up my exercise routine and am going to get going on my Firm rotations again to get strong and svelte!


I bet you'll love it!

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Thanks for all the well wishes ladies. I'll let you know what the food is like when I get it.


Originally Posted by michelle08 View Post
I wanted to do that...but my FI says it's too expensive... I need feedback from you when you start to help me persuade... :)
Well, right now there is a "special" going on. You get 28 days worth of food (which you can pick yourself) for $295 (and that includes shipping.) That's about $75 a week (not bad.) And you have to remember, you're not really going to buy any other food during the month (except fruits, veggies and maybe yogurt.) You can debate your FI on the money issue by letting him know there won't be as many dinner's out, grocery shopping or ordering in. You might actually save money doing this.
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