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Tony Horton's "Power Half Hour"

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I swore there was a thread dedicated to this workout, but I can't find it, so figured to start my own!


I only started working out a little over a month or so ago (maybe 2 months?) and I started with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. That was totally kicking my ass, but I wasn't seeing ANY results so I moved onto the Power Half Hour. It's supposed to be an easier version of the P90X program, I think. Anyway, I really like it, some of the routines, I can NOT get thru (like the thigh trimmer one, freaking hard!), but I like that it's continuous movement and it generally seems to be a pretty quick 30 minutes and I DEF feel like I have worked out when I am done.


Anyone else doing this workout? What do you think about it? What schedule do you use?


I'm trying to find the "30 Day Power Tracker" and the "Tracking Calendar" so I can keep track, but I can't find them anywhere online. I'm thinking that they probably came with my DVD since that's what it says on all the websites, but I bought them over a year ago and have moved since and have no idea where they might be. Any ideas on where to get them separately? Or can anyone scan them and share here? If I can see what it looks like, I can create my own version.

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Not really, it's just more. It's a little faster, a little longer, a little harder.


I started out with JM Shred and quickly found workout 1 super boring. Then I moved onto 2 & 3 and those were better, but I wasn't seeing any results after a month, so I bumped it up to the PHH. And I really felt a difference immediately that I was working out harder then with the shred. If I'm feeling lazy, but know I need to workout, I do the shred instead of PHH.


He's a little weird, but he's not offensive in the things he says. I think, like any DVD/tape, it gets repetitive, but I'm really liking it.

Originally Posted by Tam View Post
Is this video similar in style to the 30 day shred?

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