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Wedding coordinator overcharging

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Originally Posted by Helen G Events View Post
Hi Everyone,

I think when giving statements persons or people in general tend to leave out some factual information. I was not going to respond to this post but felt I needed to. Unlike other vendors who charge a package cost where you have no idea what their fee or mark up is or what the actual vendor cost is I state upfront what my fee is. Further what this person neglected to state was what services they requested and for how many people and also that this venue required staying on property to have your wedding there and that the requirement was waived. This quote was for 50 people for a private beach location for full sit down dinner with a bar and a cocktail menu with the following:

Equipment and Furniture Rental- Tents, Chairs and Tables

Rental of tent
Rental of white plastic chairs to be covered for ceremony and reception area

Linens - Tablecloth, Overlays, Skirting, Napkins and Ties
Cover torch bases
Chair covers and ties

Catering and Bar Service
Reception food
Wedding Cake

PA System, DJ, Entertainment, Photography and Videography
Photographer (photographer would have also provided high res cd of wedding)
Videographer (for entire evening)
DJ for 3 hours and PA system for ceremony and reception

Brides Bouquet
Maid/Matron of Honor Bouquet
Give Away Father, Bestman and Grooms Boutonniers
Skirting with lights for cake table
Decorated aisle with flower petals
Pew Ends
Centerpieces for guest tables (low arrangements)
Arrangements for head table
2 Large Floral arrangements for ceremony and reception area

©cor, Lighting and Accessories
Tiki Torches (for around tent, bar area, and perimeter)
Decorate ceremony signing table (decorated with flowers, foliage )
Decorate guest signing table ( floral and table cover)
Draping and decorating of headtables
Palm trees for ceremony and reception area
Fichus trees with lights
Miscellaneous (telephone, delivery of flowers, glassware etc. accomm, labour
:this was US$551 and this covers delivery and set up of all rentals including the tent, delivery of flowers etc
Paperwork, Invites, Programs, Tags etc.
Location Cost
Pastor and documents processing and marriage certificates

I know the quality of my work and the service I offer speak for itself and I do offer references to all clients and I do ask that persons state the facts when giving their opinions. I say this not only for myself but also when you are reviewing any other vendors.

Thanks much and have a great day.
Is this particular package $9800??

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Whatever HelenG! 


No matter what you say, that's a flat out rip off and you know it.  I feel sorry for the silly person that pays you 20% on top of their wedding costs.  That's stupid and a conflict of interest.  If you are charging the bride 20% on top, what is your incentive to help the bride keep the costs at market or lower?


You should be a shamed of yourself.  Gouging brides.


By the way, I was almost one of those silly people.  Thank God you were rude to me via email before you ever got a chance.  You set off alarm bells and I decided that you were NOT the type of person that I would want representing me on my wedding day. 


Maybe you should try a new pricing strategy and a few training courses on customer service.  Pure greed.

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