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Wedding party stress

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#1 JenArge

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    Posted 08 March 2010 - 11:41 AM

    Ok so I am a tad older than my FI and there is a little difference of opinions regarding the wedding party. I have always dreamed of a small wedding with a single maid of honor. He however is one of his first friends to be married and thinks he HAS to ask his 4 best friends plus his brother as his best man. Obviously we are going to be un-even! I just don't want to open the bag of worms by picking a "few" extra girls (I have two sister in laws on my side and 3 sisters on his not to mention my home friends, college friends, med school friends, and work friends) HELP!!!!! Does it matter if it's uneven? Can I just make the extra guys more "usher" like?? Any help

    #2 riokayak

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      Posted 08 March 2010 - 01:11 PM

      I'd try to move toward having the 4 friends do something else. It could be usher, it could be video the ceremony, sing, or whatever. Do they have any talents? We had one of my husbands friends sing the song during the ceremony, one of my best friends handled the video camera, another performed the ceremony... there are all kinds of things that having a friend handle makes the day more special.

      As a disclaimer, my husband wanted 3 people on each side... and that's what we did. I didn't have my heart set on a number though.

      #3 PVBride2010

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        Posted 08 March 2010 - 01:40 PM

        I am having 3 BM & he has only 1 best man. I am going to have my MOH & his best man on each side of us & one girl on each side also.
        I would recommend having some of the guys assigned to ushers or greeters!
        If you do decide to have all the guys, it may seem like it looks odd if there is an un-even amount of people in the bridal party but I don't think people really pay attention!

        #4 **~Linda~**

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          Posted 08 March 2010 - 01:49 PM

          Im also older than my husband and honestly I dont feel that has anything to do with much in regards to choosing your bridal party. An uneven number is not bad at all we had an uneven number as well and dont regret it. I think its all about who is important to you in your life. If you want to include them as part of your wedding you definitely should. Try not to see it in a "uniform" perspective. The day of the wedding you really wont care how many people stand on each side =)! For us as opposed to standing we sat all the bridal party down and we were the only ones standing in the ceremony which kinda made it even more special for us. Hope this helps!

          #5 NaM

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            Posted 08 March 2010 - 01:50 PM

            I don't think it matters if you guys have an uneven number. If you want one person to stand next to you and he wants 10, what does it matter...that's who you want!! And it's your wedding so why try and make it like everyone elses? I say just each of you pick who and how many you want.

            #6 Mallory57

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              Posted 08 March 2010 - 01:56 PM

              I agree...don't pick people you don't want because you feel you 'have' to...it's your wedding--you should each have whoever you want standing up for you! Good luck!
              35 (and counting) booked plus Bride & Groom!!

              #7 JenArge

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                Posted 09 March 2010 - 12:48 PM

                Thanks guys!!! You make me feel better standing up to my soon to be mother in law!!!

                #8 bridetobe1515

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                  Posted 09 March 2010 - 12:55 PM

                  I agree, you should just have them do something else. You could have one of the guys do the sand ceremony then add another in to do a reading (doesn't have to be religious). Then just use 2 of them as ushers.

                  #9 mrs.timpone

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                    Posted 11 March 2010 - 02:47 PM

                    don't you worrry about looking uneven! The important thing is you guys are happy. Let him have his best friends since it's his wedding to! But I wouldn't put people in your wedding just because! Happy planning! Good luck!

                    #10 Snickers

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                      Posted 11 March 2010 - 02:50 PM

                      My whole wedding party is in the air. We have a less then 20 person guest list for Cancun. The best man and maid of honor keeping changing their plans on coming due to work issues and such. It is so frustrating to plan. Do we get him / her attire, do we sub in people? We are prepared to not have anyone it just frustates me when people can't commit!

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