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I got a really good price on a veil today, so I snagged it up! But, it's REALLY plain and I dont' love it 100%. I am thinking of returning it, but I wanted to see if anyone has worked with a veil and added things to it.


1) It's a little longer than I wanted -- can I cut it?

2) How difficult is it to add beads to it?

and 3) I'm not exactly sure how to clip it in - I want it underneath my hair (with a messy bun in it) has anyone seen pictures of this?


I feel overwhelmed, but it was such a good price so I grabbed it! Any advice would be great! thanks!

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1. yes it can be cut (if its tulle)

2. just sew the beads where you want with white (or ivory or whatever color) thread. I sewed pearls all the way around my first veil. I'm skipping the veil this time (I think)

3. not sure about this


good luck!!

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