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Originally Posted by Island Bride View Post
Im sad after reading all these reviews! The first option is basically my center piece sad.gif But noone here seems to like it haha. Oh well, we already bought all the stuff so I cant change it now. We even spent $90 on 12 coconut scented candles for them too.
LOL you're so cute...no worries; I love the first pic as well since the first option is also similar to my centerpiece (but with petals/flowers in the hurricane vase). Im having my reception outside so I need to make sure that the vase protects the candle's flame :)

For those who like the second option but are scared of the wind blowing out the candles, you can purchase flameless candles; they look very real but so far I havent found a good deal on them...still a little pricey for me. If anyone knows a place/website where I can buy them for a reasonable price, pls lemme know.


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I know you already bought everything, but I think that the glass around the candles will be pretty at night. They are both great options though.

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