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Nominate your MotM for July!


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Can you all believe its already the 20th of the month! Well, you know what to do... Nominate your MothM, but please nominate less than 3 each! You should see me trying to tally the top five when everyone is nominating 10 ladies each!smile41.gif

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WHAT?! Didn't we just do this? lol ok...


Newlywed: Jason (lambert13), he's always so helpful! I almost feel like I should nominate Jason and Karen together, because they're such an amazing, beautiful couple!


Bride-to-be: Yep, easily Shelley (beachbride). When I needed help with the traveling starfish, she stepped up to the plate without thinking twice (...which maybe should should have! lol). She's SO helpful in all threads all the time.

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Wow, already? Btb - dragonfly (Kelly) Oh and can we nominate Mods? If so then I also nominate you AmyH cause you've been so helpful with the PV forum!


Newlywed - And continuing on the Mods, I'd nominate Ann (akh) cause you're always so helpful to everyone no matter what!

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