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byAttila.com - photo art boutique: invitations. announcements, & large canvas format


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Hi everyone, my name is Attila and I run a boutique photo art studio serving the North American invitation & announcement market.


Our product is a beautiful, elegant, yet modern centerpiece for your upcoming mailing, whether invitation, announcement, STD, or anything else.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what your recipient receives will have more impact than pages of traditional invitation text. It's not that our design centerpieces don't have words, 99% do. It's just that adding imagery elevates the piece you mail to a whole different level.


An important part is that we separate the design—the concept, layout, element integration, text and individual photos—from the final printing.


So, say if you find a perfect deal or perfect paper in one place, but perfect text or style somewhere else, there's no more choosing. And what we design can absolutely mirror your existing (or planned) theme.


The final digital piece you receive is eminently portable (still a digital file), and so your favorite photo finishing and paper stock accoutrements vendors will still be available to you in completing your project, as cost-effectively ( or as lavishly ) as you choose.


In effect, we operate in a space somewhere between photography and the post office. And what we do appeals in a strange way to both those requiring a premium, upscale presentation, and those requiring a cost-effective elegance, still on a do-it-yourself budget.


So whatever your goal or budget, I hope you come by and visit byAttila.com, and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to surprise your audience with a side of you they were waiting to see.



Attila, Lead Designer

byAttila.com Photo Art Boutique

Invitations, Announcements, Large Format Canvas

nine seven three, three three three, four two seven six

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I meant to add that if there are any questions about invitations or announcements here, I'm happy to answer or help if I'm able. I'm also continuing to compile a list of resources regaring paper, stock, and printing that is useful if you're planning on doing some or all of the mailing yourself.

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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
Wow! I really like your work! it's beautiful! Do you take the photos your self? Is that your children in a lot of the gallery work?

Tami & Tlseege - i had Attlia make my engagement invite - i am going to print it on 5x7 photo paper and mount on a blueish/ teal card stock!

*this copy may be a bit grainy but reduce the size when u view it - i don't have time to cover up my info on another one right now sad.gif

he is very talented!!!



EP Invite with info covered.pdf

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Thanks, I appreciate your comments! Whenever possible, I try to take the photos myself if a client is local. Since faces are the most important, it's important to start out with at least a couple good clear close-ups.


And yes, a couple of my favorite subjects are my little girls... What kind of father would I be if... :-)


Mrs. B.,


Thanks for the Kudos! You're great to work with.

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