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2 months to go and almost done with all of my DIY projects..(pic heavy)

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Originally Posted by KittenHeart View Post
Wow!! My wedding is one week after yours and I have a LOT of my projects left to do... so at this point I give myself 7-days to finish them all and catch up to you because I'm totally jealous you're all done!

I love your bouquet... I know what Etsy bouquet you're referring to and you could have told me it was the same one and I would have totally believed you, VERY talented!
OMG - I wish I was all done. I still have a bunch of other little projects that I want to do. It's crunch time now, isn't scary and exciting at the same time that we are getting married in 2 months? Yikes! Good luck getting your stuff done - can't wait to see your pics.

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You did an amazing job. I love it all, especially the bouquets. I'm having the same issue, don't want to spend all that money for real flowers that the bridesmaids will hold for 20 minutes and then discard. You can't even bring them back to the States.

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Wow! I am so impressed with what you've done! Your bouquet is absolutely gorgeous & looks just like your inspiration - only better since you made it! You could go into business after this! :)

Also love what you did with the fans & flip flops. Everything has such a cohesive theme! Great great job!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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