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really cute iron on transfers

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The seller was great...umm her directions said make sure there is no moisture on the shirt.....iron the shirt and let it cool for 2 minutes (i pinned mine to a pillow case too to hold it secure while i ironed the transfer on). Then use the iron (no steam or water in the iron at all) place on the transfer, i had to press the iron on for longer than it said....but i lifted up every 30 to 40 seconds and placed it immediately down again to make sure i wasn't scorching the shirt or the transfer.....i did this for a lot longer than the directions said. i lifted up each corner to make sure the transfer design was completely on the shirt. If it wasn't I put that corner back down and placed the iron on again for 40 seconds or so and lifted up and pressed down again. Hope it works out for you. Also she said she recommends white or really light shirts for these transfers or they wont show up! Good luck!

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