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WARNING Misti Abner aka Douglas Studios

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#21 *Karla*

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    Posted 22 July 2010 - 05:34 PM

    Originally Posted by Thomasjsgirl
    I have to agree with you and found there were more than a few key shots missing from ours. Now, when I compare my pics to some of the other couples on here, I realise just how amateurish mine are. She was inexpensive, and it shows in the quality, substance and style of her shots. I can't say that even one was original, and I hardly have any of just my husband and I and of those few, I can truly say none wowed me. NONE. Hiring her was the biggest planning mistake I made. As for the $150 refundable deposit -- I missed out on that too! GEESH!!!!!
    Originally Posted by rach220
    It's funny that you mention the "amateurish-ness" because when we first got the pictures I thought the same thing. And then I looked through them again and was like ok, I guess there are some good ones. But the more I see pictures on the forum, it makes me want to cry. I was on a budget and I wish I hadn't sacrificed my photos because of it. Looking back now I would have payed anything to have amazing pictures. I thought I did enough research at the time, but I guess not. There are some pictures I love, but they are not anything different, and I wish there were so many more. I guess I have to be happy to have something, and I just hope we are able to help someone else and save them from disappointment. And I am so sorry that I didn't post something earlier.
    You ladies have perfectly said everything I have been thinking. Especially the bolded part. I actually had no problems getting my CD within the expected 30 days or so. But, there are ZERO pics of DH getting ready before the wedding, and tons of other "key" pics are missing. As with you ladies, we only got about 300 pics. Misti was really nice, but I am so sorry we didn't rearrange our budget to allow for a better photog. I really did like her pics in her online gallery, but I guess it's easy to pick out 5 good pics from one wedding to post online. I get so sad/upset/disappointed when I see everyone else's fabulous pics . DH has already agreed to a vow renewal somewhere down the line, and we will get a fabulous photog then!

    One of the things that is most upsetting to me, it that I thought I did enough research before booking Misti. Unfortunately, the mass of bad reviews didn't really come out until right before and right after my wedding .

    #22 liznsergio

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      Posted 22 July 2010 - 06:16 PM

      So sad to hear about all your stories and experiences with such a scum bag! Hopefully you will be able to get at least a few beautiful pictures from the ones she took. I looked her up after reading this post and found nothing impressive about her work....and needless to say she does look a little cookoo.

      MESSAGE TO ALL FUTURE BRIDES: DO NOT choose budget over quality/experience when it comes to photography. From experience, I know that when all the planning is taking place it seems like the easiest thing and right thing to do to budget on photographer and videographer.....but it's NOT! At the end of it all and in years to come, all you will have to look back on that special day of your life will be the photos and video of all the special details!

      We are thankful and fortunate we had an AMAZING photographer!!!!!!

      #23 fallfromgrace

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        Posted 23 July 2010 - 12:43 AM

        I am so glad that I read this thread. I have to add my two cents in tho. My photographer is an amazing photographer, and it shows. She did an awesome shoot with me (for $75.00) as a test shoot when I went to visit her in Vancouver. She was really sweet and did an amazing job with the test shots (MY FI couldn't make it to Vancouver with me!). She does weddings in Hawaii also, and she has been a photographer for years.

        One of the things that she told me while I was there was if there was a bride on a budget she would work it out with them to find a package that suits their budget. She said that she would rather see a bride have amazing wedding pictures than to have really bad experiences because they paid less, so she also offers really reasonable rates for budget brides. She had my pictures to me in a week. (because I am a huge geek and get excited about my wedding coming up, I am always checking out her blog.) She added a contest on there, so check it out.

        Please note, Brides, if you are on a budget, talk to the photographer that you want to take your pictures, because chances are, they probably know someone in the industry that is starting out and that they can recommend because they have worked with them.

        Another thing to remember is to have a wedding photography list that you are going to give to your photographer. Nora sent me a list of shots that most brides find important, but she also said that it is really important to know what shots I want to take. I also searched it on here, and someone put up a PDF of important wedding shots...I used that a lot!

        Another thing about a photographer is how long they take to communicate. If youa re having troubles with the photographer that you are using, to get a hold of them, to call them, or whatever the case, it is probably wise not to go with that photographer.
        Nora, She e-mails me within 2 days of me emailing her. She is really awesome. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

        I really feel bad about the Misti experience. It makes me really angry and sad. For the ladies that got married and had really upsetting results with Misti, maybe find a photographer in your area who does TTD shots. It is summer, and there are some amazing shots to be had.

        #24 Tanya Marie

        Tanya Marie
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          Posted 28 November 2010 - 09:42 PM

          Originally Posted by pvbeachbride10 

          I agree, DO NOT USE MISTI! Please read the reviews.

          I booked Misti and she was so helpful and nice. She had received such great reviews. I felt confident using her because she was so active on this board and other members had booked.

          She changed her name and email part way through. She did not let her current clients know. Finally, I found her new information and contacted her. She was incredibly rude. Things came about where I realized I needed to cancel working with her. She offered 1/2 of my deposit back and promised I would have it within 30 days. I emailed and called her many many times after 30 days passed. She didn't respond to a single call or email. Now I'm out about $350.

          Luckily, I realized this before booking her travel or even using her for my wedding. Many brides have yet to receive photos from her!

          This is exactly what had happend to me... Thankfully, I didn't book her travel either...makes you wonder how many other brides she has done this to, aside from the BDW girls!

          Happily Married after an AMAZING wedding at the Playaca Palace in Playa del Carmen, MX!!!

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