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Freedom for MikkiStreak!


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Can you tell I'm a little antsy to shrug this place off? :)


I think I may have a very busy last day tho----


I still need to try and get the blackjack championship for the third time, get my BDW fill since I won't be able to get on here at work for at least the next 3 weeks, shuffle some paper to make myself look busy, play some strange music at higher than normal volumes to drive my co-workers crazy, ignore the emails and phone calls from the dickhead in California who has made me miserable professionally for the last 2 years, sort through all the OTC drugs on my desk that I chew like candy because of stress from this place, and basically try to steal as many of the really nice expensive pens and paper supplies as possible without getting caught....


hehehe.... and I still have to find a way to leave my "mark" around here---- thinking maybe a warning note strategically placed for the new person to find... hehehehe.....

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