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whic is more romantic - church or beach wedding?

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Definitely a personal preference. I am not religious so a church wedding would not be romantic for me. But I have been to both beautiful church and beach weddings. I think it totally depends on the couple.

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I've been to a few weddings in my time and have a few thoughts here.


There are a few factors that I considered when choosing a location for MY WEDDING that landed us on the beach. I'll give you some thoughts with photography in mind relating to how I think the photos can portray your shared "romanticism" between each other.


First factor: Inside vs Outside


Obviously, photography is important to us and it has been our experience with the majority of the weddings we have attended in our lifetime, that weddings taking place "OUTSIDE" seem to be far far less restricting. There is no roof over your head, there is no preacher saying "STAND HERE" to the photo crew.


I've shot many church weddings in the USA and in Mexico. Some of them (chapels at AI's) and a few others here in Playa are very very small. Bride and groom usually stacked up against a back wall. Basically, we are forced to shoot from pretty much limited perspectives.


For Photography purposes, we feel that shooting outside (without ceilings and without walls) opens the door for freedom. There are no restrictions or regulations or rules. Just remember, the smaller the chapel, the less dynamic the "may be".


Just to give you something to chew on, I recommend taking a look at a slideshow recently shot in a church and one shot in a beach setup.


Recent Dreams Tulum Chapel Wedding

In addition, the priest at this wedding literally yelled out loud at Sol Tamargo (in Spanish so the non-Spanish speaking guests wouldnt know) that she was standing in HIS SPACE (10 feet away from him) and that she should get out of there immediately. 2 times. Boo.


*We loved the photos from the slideshow above, regardless of being screamed at by a man of god, so did our clients! Check out our blog where they RAVED about the photos.


I think that chapel weddings are cute and by no means to I think that one shouldnt get married in one. I just its tougher behind the camera to shoot expressions and involve the entire story due to the constraints of the location itself.


Here is a chapel wedding in Puerto Morelos.... Priest was warm, welcoming and the coverage is VERY dynamic.


Now take a look at this wedding shot at Blue Tulum. Outdoors and amazing location. There is no difficulty positioning to shoot. With a 2 photographer setup, we can shoot the bride's reaction wile simultaneously shooting the groom's reaction, as she walks down the isle.

Here is another good beach wedding with dynamic angles, no restrictions because we are outside and can move very freely. Its very difficult to shoot the family reacting to the ceremony when shooting in a smaller confined church.



Originally Posted by belle_jacobs View Post
it doesn't matter where the place is for as long as we invite HIM, He is still present in the whole holy matrimony process.
I think you summed up :)


hope this angle helps... whatever you decide, it will be amazing!




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I debated this for a long time and finally chose the Church wedding. I felt it was really romantic and meant so much to be able to be married in the Catholic Church. Now I really had the best of both worlds though, because we had the reception after on the beach. This was great for us and we really got to do both.

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Oh, your husband is so romantic, lucky you!


If you already had the beach wedding, try the church in some romantic destination (Mexico has some great old churches, my favorite Carmel Mission in California).

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I think that it all depends on how you envision the day for yourself. We are getting married on the beach b/c that is the perfect place for us. When we think about our day we see the water, sand, and our families as one perfect unit. However, I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding a year ago and when I looked at them I could tell that in their eyes in that moment no one else was in the room. So, ultimately its about what feels right for you in your heart.

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I think it comes down to what you like or are comfortable with. Some people are traditional and believe in being married in a church. You can decorate a church in a very romantic manner. You can also do the same at the beach. Some people think that being married on the beach at sunset is super romantic and that they dont need a church for the ceremony. But others might think that the beach is just not appropriate cause there is the sand, and the wind and the gulls and other beach revelers watching in on your ceremony (and maybe trying to get into your pics). So it totally depends on which you think you create a romantic atmosphere to your liking. Personally, Im going for the beach at sunset (sand, sea gulls, people and all)!

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