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Riu Paradise Island Bahamas 2011!!!

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welcome and happy planning, Dessy!

I'm the moh in a paradise island wedding this coming October at the Cloisters in the One&Only Ocean Club....

I know you'll have tons of fun planning your Bahamas wedding! :)

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Congrats dessy. 

I am getting married at Riu Paradise Island this coming Dec.  So far the WC is pretty slow in responding to emails as long as 2-3 weeks.  I am still trying to get used to it.  I am booking the Royal Package which includes a semi-private dinner for up to 40 guests but I am doing my own private reception.  Note that everything adds up though.  Also, it is important to get price confirmation and something in writing since it seems to change at almost each email exchange (upward of course.)  The amount varies, from $.50 to $100 depending on what it is.  It is not so much the amount but I'd feel better that the pricing is what was given to me as opposed to changing all the time albeit $.50 or $100.

The venue is still a couple of weeks away.  I will post more when I get back.  Hope this helps.


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