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root canal treatment ahhhhhhhh

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#1 roo66

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    Posted 22 February 2010 - 07:23 PM

    Ok girls i need some advise.I had root canal treatment on a crowned front tooth on Saturday,and i am in a lot of discomfort.If im honest its got worse as the day has gone on.Its not pain that i cant tolerate but i think it my gum.
    It didnt hurt getting it done he was very generous with the local but if i knock it with my top teeth it hurts but it has stopped me going into work today and its making me lisp.Its similar to a pain you get from an ulcer or better still if you have eaten food with to much acid like tomatoes.Do you think i have an infection or is this the norm following root canal work.I know he drilled like he was searching for oil and i could feel and hear him digging about i was in the chair for 40 mins.I think i should go back to see him or should i give it a bit longer?

    #2 Jess

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      Posted 22 February 2010 - 09:06 PM

      I've never had one but from what I here it shouldn't be hurting after the procedure. I would call your dentist ASAP and see what they recommend.

      Feel better!

      #3 **~Linda~**

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        Posted 22 February 2010 - 09:14 PM

        Ouch! I would definitely second calling your dentist ASAP.

        #4 PetitRouge

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          Posted 22 February 2010 - 10:05 PM

          i also had a root canal done on a front tooth which had been crowned. There was some discomfort following the procedure but not to the degree that you seem to be describing. I would give your dentist a ring and maybe just describe to him what you are feeling. No need to stay in pain any longer then necessary. Feel better!

          #5 Tam

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            Posted 22 February 2010 - 11:55 PM

            I would go and get it looked at too... it could be a number of different things. Does it feel sore on the gum or more like tooth pain? If it's gum, it could just be from the crown prep (sometimes your gums get cut/ pushed around) or the crown could be too long and is pushing on your gum. If it's tooth pain, it could be your tooth/ligament are bruised from the RCT. .. or if your tooth was infected, it could still be the area is healing... often anti-inflamatories are prescribed (like advil/motrin)... or anitbiotics... either way go get it looked at and if you think it's your gums, try rinsing with warm salt water to help with healing... hope this helps and good luck.
            PS, I used to be a dental assistant and am now a dental hygienist just so you know I'm not pulling this from thin air!!

            #6 wendyjd

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              Posted 23 February 2010 - 12:44 AM

              call your dentist asap!!

              #7 roo66

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                Posted 23 February 2010 - 05:41 AM

                Thanks ladies im waiting for the dentist to open and im going to give him a call.My mouth looks normal no visibal bruising but golly its very sore.I hope he says come in.

                #8 roo66

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                  Posted 23 February 2010 - 10:22 AM

                  Im back from the dentist,and hes prescribed metronidazole and ibuprofen.He thinks it will take a couple of weeks to settle.I asked if there was a chance he hadnt removed all the root and he showed me the xray and the front tooth only has one nerve.He thinks it may be very bruised hence the pain.He didnt look at the tooth but that said im in more pain than i was even first thing this morning.Ijust hope the meds kick in.Ive alreadyrung work to say im not going in to work tomorrow.
                  If it dosent settle i can have someone else do it again or get it taken out.
                  We dont have £2,000 for an implant and i really dont want to have a false tooth on a plate its my bottom front one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antibiotics PLEASE work

                  #9 mnh1983

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                    Posted 23 February 2010 - 10:37 AM

                    Ouch! I hope the medicine works! I can't imagine the pain.

                    #10 wendyjd

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                      Posted 26 February 2010 - 01:02 AM

                      Hows the tooth? antibiotics and anti-inflammatories working?

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