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Help me find my Dream Shoes

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Alright, some of you might remember that I bought shoes already, most of you said they were too casual because of the cork heel. I agreed, but had already bought them, was on a serious budget and could not return them. So, I went looking and found a pair that I love, but they are $120. That is too much for me since I already have a pair and am on a budget. So, I am hoping you ladies can find them for me for cheaper and hopefully from a place that delivers to Canada. Our best man lives in NY, so he will get things at his place for me if not, he comes here a lot to visit so he will bring them. But, I would rather get them to my house.


Anyway, this is them.


Click the image to open in full size.


They are made by Coloriffics and are called Cilena. They are 3 1/4" Dyeable White Satin. I need a size 6.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Originally Posted by Julesr View Post
Since you girls are so helpful, this is the purse I am looking for

eweddingshoes.com: Wedding handbags with sparkle

I love it, but its sold out on this site (not even sure if they deliver to Canada). Anyone seen on like it in their searches or know where I can get this one?
hmm... on that website it says "made just for us", do I can't find it on another website, maybe call them and see if they are going to get any more in??
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