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Wedding Slideshow 12/23/09 at Dreams Tulum - Photos by Citlalli Rico

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Hi everyone,


We got married 12/23 at Dreams Tulum. Citlalli Rico was our photographer, and we highly recommend her! She was great, fabulous to work with the day of the wedding, and we love our photos. I loved Citlalli and wouldn't change a thing about our photos - we're really happy with them and I thought that the price was reasonable for all of the photos that she took and the great quality of them.(esp when you compare them to the resort photos! We had our reception by the dolphin pool, for those of you looking at sites, and loved it. There are some good pics of the setup in here as well.


Here's a link to our slideshow (hopefully it works as it should)





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Wow! You had such a beautiful wedding! Your photos are gorgeous! Congratulations! Do you mind if I ask, did you bring those teal chair sashes with you, or did the resort provide them? I'm trying to figure out what color selection they have. Thanks!

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