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Where to go?

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Welcome to the forum Kristen! This is definitely the place to help you pick out a destination. My fiance and were really confused about locations as well, so we each chose the 5 most important things about a location. Ours ended up being pretty much the same, 1-affordable AI for our guests, 2-great beach and snorkeling from the resort, 3- great food and service, 4- wedding coordinator on site, 5- lots of activities available at the resort.


That helped us knock out certain island and resorts. From my research, Dominican Republic is by far the cheapest that I've seen (Mexico is cheap too but I wanted to be in the Caribbean). And there is huge range of resorts available to choose from, small and intimate to huge and all inclusive. I would read reviews of weddings from other brides, thats been really helpful for me. Best of luck in your planning!!

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