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Vdaybride's Dreams Los Cabos Wedding Review!! LONG

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Delta D- the only reason they didn't get a F was because we EVENTUALLY made it to Cabo. Mother nature sure played a cruel and evil joke on us! Our departure date coincided with the largest snow storm of this year and last! Our original flight was canceled (we were scheduled to leave on a Thursday for a Sunday wedding) we were informed that we were rebooked on a flight to leave on Monday (missing the wedding entirely) I literally spent several hours on the phone the night before we were scheduled to leave trying to speak to a live person at Delta. One of the numbers rang busy and the skymiles number had at least a hr and a half wait time!. I finally spoke to someone and they informed me that due to the weather the flights were canceled or full and the best they could do was get us out on Monday afternoon. After speaking to the 3rd or fourth person and supplying them with the airport codes of all the airport codes within 200 miles of NY I was able to find a flight to get us out from Binghampton airport (190 miles away from NY!!) on Saturday morning. This flight would get us into Cabo at 1:00PM. We were not happy about getting into Cabo the day before the wedding, but we were DESPERATE at this point! We rented a car one way and drove our behinds the 190 miles. Once we got there to check in, they nicely let us know that we didn't have tickets for this flight!! THey were never reissued for the new airport. Can you say "meltdown?" Not only did we NOT have tickets, cut here we are with overloaded wedding bags with wedding items. 2 of 3 of our bags were overweight and the woman behind the dest was a complete *itch about it!! The agent was on hold with Delta trying to get our seats issued, the flight took off in less than 15 minutes and this "woman" rudely tells us "don't think we will hold this flight for you" all I could do from reaching behind that counter and scalping her bald was the thought of sleeping in jail with my wedding dress as a cushion. I politely said "thank you for your hard work" we literally were cleared 8 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off! Delta and their customer service during this incident FLAMING D- they sucked! The kicker is after she saw my wedding dress she said..."oh it was YOUR wedding? I'm sorry, now I want to cry." I was thinking "I want to make you cry!!!"

Ground Transportation
We used Cabo Transfers Ericka Wolburg was fantastic, always staying in contact and making the process easy. I emailed her 2 mins before the airplane door closed on the second leg of our trip to let her know we finally had a flight and she had a driver there with my name on a sign (in my favorite color red wink.gif) I was sooo happy to be in Cabo AND see my name on a sign that I cried! I would definitely recommend setting up private transportation before you arrive in Cabo. The airport is a zoo!! Everyone calling, tapping you trying to entice you to come with or over to them. It was a bit overwhelming. We used porter to carry our MANY bags, he said to us.."Ma'am, sir follow me and only me, hold your baby and just keep walking" we looked at each other and followed orders! We told him that we had private transportation and he lead us to the area where we needed to be. Thank goodness for him and Cabo Transfers..highly recommend them and a porter, made the process much easier.

I did have to show receipts as I had 3 LARGE bags, because of this forum, I already knew to have some to show it was not a problem. She asked me to press the button and it was green so off we were :)

Dreams A++++ We arrived to cool towels and champagne. I drowned that champagne after all of my travel drama!! Checkin was easy breezy we went to our room and was instantly wowed. Our honeymoon suite was great..we had 2 terraces opening out onto a grassy area, just steps to the beach and the main pool. THere was a chilled bottle of champagne on the table and a vase of fresh flowers were promptly delivered upon our arrival. It was fantastic the moment we got there until the moment we left! Room service was ALWAYS prompt and hot! We ate at all of the restaurants except Himatsu (not a big sushi fan) all of the food we ate tasted great. I actually miss the drop of the dime attention from the wait staff and workers around the resort. Being that I hate to cook it was a much appreciated change to just order food at the drop of a hat and have it delivered in no time.

Wedding coordination

Yorai A++++++She was absolutely wonderful. I had another coordinator from the resort initially ( I won't name who) and she would NOT return calls or emails. After waiting 2 weeks for a reply to an email, I called up and Yorai answered the phone and has been answering my questions and putting out fires ever since. Any question no matter what it was she answered me promptly and fully. I told her I was very sad about arriving the day before the wedding and she assured me that we had been communicating the entire time and she knew what I wanted and was confident that the day would be perfect and perfect it was!! She is great to work with and super sweet. Her haircut is so cute and funky. I should mention that she ran a half marathon the morning of my wedding and twisted her ankle sad.gif she was hobbling aroung the day of the wedding, but did not slow down one bit. I felt so bad that she was working in pain. SHe pulled it off and the day was absolutely beautiful. THe only problem I had was that she left at about 8PM and her assistant (male) took over and towards the end of the night he said that he would have the centerpieces delivered to various rooms, well they never showed up, even our centerpiece from our sweetheart table that had a high vase in it that could fit my bouquet didn't show up sad.gif. I called Yorai the next day to say that I needed the bouquet to take pics with the photographer and she informed me that all of the centerpieces were sent back to the florist because she thought we didn't want them. I was sad because the centerpieces were so beautiful that I wanted to enjoy one until we left. She did have my bouquet, so I was happy about that. That mix up wasn't really her fault, it was her assistant that told me he would have them delivered. If you want your centerpieces, be sure you are clear on this before you leave the reception area.

Suzanne Morel A++++Hair --Deana A+ Being an African American woman, I am very particular about just anyone doing my hair. Not everyone can work with ethnic hair. My usual stylist decided (last minute I must add) that traveling to Cabo would be too expensive for her and I was in a panic to find a replacement. I emailed Neysa Berman initially and personally response time was a little slow and time was definitely of the essence at this point. I had less than 2 weeks before my wedding!! I emailed Suzannes team and got a call from Suzanne herself the next day. She assured me that she and her team was experienced with working with brides with all types of hair types and I booked without any hesitation. I emailed some inspiration pics and a pic of myself with my hair pulled back off my face. She gave me critiques of the styles I chose and her pick of the style that she thought suited my face the best. THis made me much more comfortable with my decision.

Makeup --Karisma A+ from Suzanne's team. SHe was quiet, beautiful and did a great job! I had inspiration pics of the look I wanted and she made me look natural but enhanced. I think she did a great job. I will post pics as soon as my guests share them.

Baja video productions Enrique and Marci were so sweet and great team. They were wonderful to work with! They worked well with the photographer and did not seem to interfere with each others creative process, but rather enhanced each others work. The videographer offered suggestions to the photographer and vice versa. I can't wait to see the finished product. There was one point where we were on the beach taking pics and the tide came in hard and fast. We were posing along the shore line with the BM and MOH all of the guests were standing up on a hill looking down at us. We saw horrified looks on everyone's faces and like animal instinct we all took off running up the hill w/o even looking back, we all sensed danger lol that should make for a GREAT video!

Gilda Badillo A+++ She came with an assistant 15 minutes early and got right to work! She began with detail shots and of about the first 50 shots she took I loved all of them! Throughtout the day she did not seem intrusive into the events of the day instead she seemed so naturally apart of my beautiful day as the events unfolded. She picked us up the next day for pics in downtown San Jose. She knew the area and great places to take shots and had a great rapport with other business owners around the neighborhood and they welcomed us into their establishments to get some great shots. SHe was wonderful and even took us to Western Union..(long story!) WHen researching photogs in the area there was one name that kept coming up..I won't say who, but I bet you already know his name. I was determined to come up with someone else who also did great work and was reasonable priced (even though I didn't have any budget restraints) and I did. I will post a separate review for her when I have some teaser pics to attach!

Ricardo Patino A++++ I can't say enough nice things about this man! He was so sweet! His wife is a part of his team and she took pics throughout the night and said he is emailing me some pics :) how nice and unexpected!! I gave him a playlist and he played everysingle song on the list and added some from the artists on my lists. My group wasn't heavy into dancing, but they ALL said how much they appreciated the music selection. I made sure that he and his wife had food and drinks and they were soooo appreciative of the gesture. I made sure they even had to go pieces of cake. He emailed me and let me know how much he and his wife appreciated us. I have great pic of me behind his board, wearing his head phones. I will post as soon as I get it. He is highly recommended!!

Florenta A I worked with Rosio and Lola. Lola delivered my bouquet and ladies coursages to me in my room. She was so sweet and the flowers were beautiful. My bouquet had a few flowers that looked a little crusty around the edges, but I told her and she fixed it right in the room. The bouquet wasnt in my possession over night and it didn't hold up that well. I don't know if they forgot to put it in water or what, but it didn't look all that great to me after one day. For the flowers that looked a little crusty the next day, she made up 10 fold in the beautiful centerpieces at the reception! I sent her a tiny pic of an inspiration centerpiece and she made it look 10 times better than I imagined. They really did a great job!

Fire Show

Luenas De Fuego A+++ Lunas de Fuego oh my goodness all I can say is wow!! I expected 2 dancers and recorded music. Well I got live musicians and about 8 dancers. We were all blown away!! THe show was fantastic and the fire stayed where it was supposed to wink.gif If it is in the budget, I say definitely worth it!!!! THe guests are still talking about it and telling everyone how much they loved it.

* I should say as if on cue as soon as the fire show ended SOMEONE ELSES firework show began all of the guests spun around and raved..."wow, what a perfect ending!!" I was like... "yes, so glad you enjoyed it" lol *evil grin* yes I took the credit for someone elses work! not like it is the first time wink.gif

Cigar roller

A++ arranged through my amazing WC Yorai. My hubby likes cigars every now and then. We wanted the dramatic effect of having someone there rolling the cigars rather than having a box of cigars. The guest male and female all enjoyed the cigars while lounging on the lounge furniture. I tried one for the first time and it was mild and nice. The roller was super serious, but smiled for a pic with me then immediately after the pic was snapped he snatched the cigar he gave me out of my hand and went back to work LOL. I didn't take it personal, he was serious about his craft! I respect that.

Lounge furniture A++

Dennis Catering, arranged though Yorai, the furniture was clean and looked great in person

I know there are a lot of A's in my review I absolutely had a perfect day and I didn't even imagine that it could have been so perfect, but it really was. In the end it didn't matter that our vacation was cut two days short. It still was perfect from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. We will definitely return sometime this year. We can't even wait until the anniversary.
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Love love love your review! Thanks for posting it. Oh and PS Im completely stressed about what to do with my hair being that I too am an African American bride and am worried that the stylist will not know what to do! I hope the stylists in Puerto Vallarta are as good as yours was!

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For some reason I was really looking forward to your review. I guess I wanted to know if your hair came out ok. lol and i'm not even going to the same place!!!


so glad you had a great time minus the flight situation. I can only pray the same thing does not happen to me next year. since i'm traveling around the same time. *crosses fingers, holds rabbit's foot, and 4 leaf clover*

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OMG Vday.... I just want to hug you... you poor baby the stress you had to deal with to get there... That was just brutal, no one should had to deal with that BS.. weather is out of anyones control... But the airline Delta and check in "Just Cruel".

However with that said it sounds like you had an amzing wedding and i am so happy for you and your hubby. Congrats and best wishes.



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I was so excited to see this review and it's looks like you had an incredible wedding despite all the flight drama! So glad things went so well for you once you finally made it to Cabo! Thanks for the review and I can't wait to see your pictures!!

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Vdaybride, you are the first bride to get married at Dreams Los Cabos since I joined the forum so I have been waiting for your wedding and your review for like a month now. I am sorry to hear about the travel nightmares but so thrilled that everything worked out in the end. Your wedding sounds amazing!! I can't wait to see the photos. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you.

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OMG, i would have had a meltdown if i had that travel stress!! I believe it that it was soooo hard to restraint yourself from slapping that rude biatch!


I am so glad it ended working out perfectly in the end. Congrats!!

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Great review!!! Dreams is so amazing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Where are the pics?!? wink.gif

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