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Originally Posted by goodtoglow View Post
Did you do up a seating chart and escort cards? As well, were you able to do your speeches in there? Did you arrange your reception arrangements over the phone or via email?
I contacted them via email beforehand. They were excellent at responding to emails in a timely manner. The first day I arrived on the ship I went to the restaurant and said, "Hi, I was told to come here as soon as we arrived..." and they said, "Melissa? It's a pleasure to meet you!" I can't stop saying how on the ball they were.

Seating arrangements were made once we were on the ship. Some of the tables are non-moveable so there are some limitations. Polina, our hostess, actually made up the seating roster and number cards. So, I didn't have to do anything. Like I said the restaurant is nicely decorated so I just left it as is. They arranged for us to have one whole side of the restaurant which seated our guests nicely. We did do speeches there, without a microphone, so at times it was a little hard to hear, but we're just happy we could have them! Our dinner started at 6 and with all the courses and speeches we were out of there by 1130!

Some of our guests booked early excursions the next day in Puerto Rico, so not alot of people went out dancing in the tacky disco...lol it is pretty hilarious.

Hope this helps!

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Oh, and they also let us bring in a CD with our first dance songs. There is dance floor in the restaurant you can use. Or, if you know someone who plays the piano and sings I'm sure they'd let you use theirs!

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Thank you so much for your reply! We really want to pay for everyone in the restaurant but are not sure if one side will be big enough to hold the amount of guests we are expecting (50+). Of course I emailed Carnival and they said they have no idea what the occupancy of Harry's Super Club is.... helpful!!

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