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Newbie marrying in Puerto Rico!

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Originally Posted by breehannah05 View Post


Hi everyone! My name is Brianna.


I am getting married in June 2011 in San Juan, Puerto Rico!


Hey Brianna, I know this is an old thread, but I was hoping you could share some info with me, since you already got married in PR last June.  What venue did you get married at?  And would you recommend it?  I am newly engaged, and we definitely want to get married in the San Juan area in June 2013.  I haven't chosen a hotel/venue, but I have a list of about 10 places I'm interested in.  They all look so great, it's hard to choose!  When I've called they all say they don't have prices yet for 2013 and I can't reserve a date yet either because it's too soon.  Aparently I can't do anything until a year in advance?  So right now I'm just trying to get all the info I can on different venues.  Thank you so much for any help and advice!!!


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