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Thank You To All For Sharing Your Experiences...

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Hopefully I am posting this to the Newbie site. I'm not sure, I didn't see anywhere to put the wedding date and such. Maybe someone can help me with that?

Anywayz, I have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and have gathered so much helpful information. My name is Breia and as the mother of the bride, I have been recruited to find a WP for my daughter's and her fiance's destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. They will be cruising into Cabo via Carnival Cruise Lines in October.


So far, I have gotten estimates from Bajaweddings and Maye Cortinas. They both seem really nice and very efficient.


If anyone has a preference between the two, please share with me and let me know why you prefer one over the other.


Again, thanks to you all for sharing your experiences and information so freely.



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Hello and welcome, EVERYONE here are so helpful and friendly, Im sure any questions or advice you have will be fully answered before you know it!!!!


Happy Planning x

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