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New Dreams Cancun Wedding Pictures

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Hello Jenn!


I am in the same situation as you...who to take ? Claudia or Michael ?fencing.gif


I've also noticed that Claudia does not put all the pictures on the cd. Anyways, she is not available for my wedding day, I would have to take one of her team members.


On "tripadvisor" there was someone who actually took MM and she was very dissappointed. That is why I don't know who to take. She was the only one that really complained... I saw the pictures and they are not bad, but the weather was bad (gray sky + rain + strong wind)


Sometimes people just like to complain... I hope !



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You saw the pictures that were taken for the woman on Trip Advisor? Do you still have the link to them? I'd be interested in seeing them first hand myself before I make a final decision. If you do can you please PM them to me.



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