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New Dreams Cancun Wedding Pictures

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Hi All -


Yesterday I received a link to a bunch of pictures of a wedding at Dreams that was shot by Michael Maurus. I've never seen them posted before so thought I'd share with the rest of y'all. :o)


The Wedding of Jaclyn and Jake


To view the website just enter your name and email address.




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Hello Jenn,


BEAUTIFUL pictures ! Now I have the proof that Michael Maurus takes very nice pictures ! ! ! It also helps when the person is as beautiful as you...


Can I ask you which package did you take? The 2 hours or the 4 hour package?


Is it hard to choose the pictures you want printed? !!!


Did he also film your wedding?





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Hi All -


Just to clarify that is NOT me in the pictures :o) My wedding is still over a year away although time is starting to fly.


I had requested pricing information from Michael and his wife (I think) sent me the link to the pictures. I'm not really sure when they were taken but I got the impression it was recently.


I'm torn between using him and Claudia as Michael seems to be a bit cheaper and his pictures are of similar quality. He has an option that you can just by the CD with ALL the pictures that he has taken of your event with out actually ordering any prints. I'm thinking I might just get the prints done myself at a later date as I wasn't planning on buying any albums anyway. I've emailed Claudia to see if she has this option as well because I don't believe she gives you all the pictures she's taken.


I have all of Michael's 2008 pricing information if anyone wants it. He's also apparantly a minister if anyone is looking for that as well. Just PM me and I'll email it to you.


~ Jenn

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