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Hello and welcome!!!! I personally don't know much about that hotel. But I can tell you from reading around that you won't get much info from the wedding coordinator until closer to your date. and since your date is 9 months away there is but so much the WC can tell you. Things might change and i'm sure she's busy will weddings that are happening now with the Valentine's weekend. Be patient. It should all work out.


Happy planning!!!

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HOORAY!!! Another fantastic member among us!


You will, without a doubt, quickly become addicted to the AMAZING forum, filled with not only brillliant ideas and advice for your upcoming wedding, but you will be amazed by how fast this community of kind and thoughtful women (and men!) will touch your life....


Congratulations and WELCOME TO BDW! We're thrilled to have you! wink.gif

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Originally Posted by Calgrl View Post
Hi....never blogged before but I'm planning a wedding at Barcelo Riviera Maya in November and need some inside info! Any personal experiences are greatly appreciated. Having trouble getting in touch with the coordinator to finalize plans and I'm getting a bit nervous. Also, looking into both sol tamargo and claudia rodriguez as photographers, anyone have thoughts on them? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum :)

I'm a tad biased, but in your search I'd say you can't go wrong with that awesome wife of mine, Sol Tamargo :)

but, like I said...i'm a tad biased :)

Cheers & good luck getting great info here!

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