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back from ROR.. married.. and it was perfect

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I am working on my review right now.. I hope that I include everything I would have wanted to know, but if i miss anything, I am open to questions!!


The thing I will say right now is DON't WORRY. It was beautiful.. and special and wonderful.. the things that (to me) made it included:


- having the ceremony at 4pm

-writing our own ceremony

-steel drum band playing before the ceremony, and while i was walking down the isle, and after, during the cocktail hour.. it was beautiful, and tropical, and the guests thought it was fun

- the private poolside reception (the food, the location, the privacy.. it was just so special)

-someone paying off whoever was working so that we could stay and party until midnight

- the decorations i brought

- the flowers.. because i just loved them.. and I always wanted beautiful flowers

- the dress.. because even though I didn't lose as much weight as I wish I had, I loved the dress.. and James loved it

- the 36 people that were there with us.. (with the exception of a few very close people that couldn't make it) they are the people that we are closest to.. people we genuinely love and like, and who made us feel so loved and supported that week (and before.. and since).. there was very very little drama.. and a lot of sweetness and fun.

- Our MC - Jay was so funny, and and just had great timing, and set the tone for the reception..

- A close friend sang and played his guitar for our first dance.. it just made it more personal and special..

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