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Situation on my hands

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#11 **~Linda~**

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    Posted 05 February 2010 - 05:45 PM

    Originally Posted by ~Nicole~
    I think you should just let him deal with it. Its his own fault if things don't go as smoothly as possible because of his delay in asking him. I would, however, explain why he can't keep putting it off. I'm just not a fan of hand holding. It's super annoying to me and my DH was the same about it (huge procrastinator) so I speak from experience lol. As the other girls said though, I would definitely not talk to the gf about it. Good luck!
    Agreed! My husband had a similar situation but there was something more behind him not asking his brother. So why he still hasn't asked? Well honestly only he knows. Just tell him he needs to make up his mind at some point and get the ball rolling on whoever he is planning to ask because the trip needs to be booked soon.

    #12 Naye84

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      Posted 06 February 2010 - 05:46 PM

      Thanks girls! I just really dont see him asking him 'till the day of and I don't want to have a bridezilla moment on him. I've completly avoided being bridezilla because I'm honestly lax on everything. I'll wait patiently. Ill keep you girls updated

      #13 jenne

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        Posted 06 February 2010 - 05:51 PM

        Guys are so silly like that. When I got engaged, I could not wait to ask my sister and friends to be my MOH and bridesmaids. Guys just seem to feel awkward asking for some reason or other. My fiance was the same way. He didn't want to ask his guys right away and did it on his own time when the situation felt right I guess. When my sister got married, the same thing with her husband. He didn't ask any of his groomsmen until one night when everyone who they had planned to be in their wedding party were hanging out, he was like, well the whole wedding party is here. And the guys were like, um, okay so I guess we're groomsmen. Must just be a guy thing that us girls don't get!

        #14 swankster77

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          Posted 07 February 2010 - 02:18 AM

          I have the same wedding date as you - yay!

          I had the same prob with my FI until about 2 weeks ago... he had ample opportunities to ask but somehow did not... I have a feeling that since he is not close with his two brothers that also happen to be quiet/shy personalities... that he felt awkward bringing it up. But what ended up happening was that I placed the engagement announcement in our local newspaper and he knew he had until the paper came out to ask... that totally lit the fire under his bum... not that I wanted it to happen this way but with the wedding only 4 months away i figured we better get a move on!

          maybe he is feeling uncomfortable about it? especially if he's not used to having intimate conversations with his brother? that was my FI's problem... it took a little pressure to get him to do it but he did. GOOD LUCK :)

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