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Mrs. B.,


We rented two villas. My family stayed at Waterfall, which is where the reception was. Great view, gorgeous pool, beautiful, big, a/c bedrooms (but the main area's not a/c).


We also rented Villa Paulette for our friends to stay in. $600/person for a week--cheaper than two nights at the Westin! The villa has six bedrooms and an office with a futon; you can have up to sixteen people there (we had ten). Not too far out of the way, lots of parking (none at WF, really) and brand-spankin'-new: really beautiful tilework throughout the house.


We rented through VIVA (vivacations.com). The experience could have been better. The service varied HUGELY depending on who you spoke to: Karin, the manager, is excellent, but many of the customer service people really don't know what's going on. The "maid service" didn't even come to Paulette, and my parents had to call when theirs didn't arrive... "island time."


We spent our wedding night at the Westin. We don't really recommend it. We had no hot water, there were cockroaches in the beach bar (only place we ate), food was way overpriced, etc. The bed was comfy and it was more private than our villa, obviously. And we paid with Starpoints, so it didn't cost us anything other than dinner.


Also--my husband's parents stayed at Gallows Point. Their room was lovely, spacious, quite beautiful. No a/c, for whatever reason. We were there during Carnival so they had loud music til 2 a.m. while the rest of us slept soundly in Fish Bay.


Let me know if you need any more info. :)

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Hi SlimmerShadier (cute name)

Thank you for the info - we were considering some of the villas we saw on both St. John and St. Croix - the one thing we were worried about is having everyone stay at different places and losing that 'let's meet at the bar, gym, spa or beach' thing that is so easy when everyone is at the same place. how did you deal with that?


i also heard that the Westin is gross and really out-dated - that is a shame sad.gif


thanks and Congrats - BTW - your photos are really beautiful

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