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Can anyone recommend a photographer in the maya riviera area?


We were originally going to go with Moments that matter but they are already booked for our date. I have emailed several others but have not received responses.



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There are several photographers on this forum. I would try talking to them.


Elizabeth Medina is my FAVORITE in the Riviera Maya area, but there is also the idea of flying down your own photographer. The price tends to be about the same, but you typically get more bang for your buck. For instance, when I got married, I could have paid $2,500 for 3-5 hours of coverage from one of the wonderful photographers down in Meixco OR, I could pay to fly my own photographer in for $2500 and get THREE days worth of coverage and over 1000 photos!

There are a ton of photographers on this forum who live in the states who are more than willing to travel to photograph your wedding! :)

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Originally Posted by NaM View Post
I used Del Sol...loved them and would totally recommend!!!

del Sol Photography
Your photos are absolutely beautiful, you are a stunning bride! Love the sand ceremony, where did you get the container you combined the sand into, the one with the picture, or how did you come up with that? I love it!

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