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Update on Jack, the pup

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Jack and I got home about 30 min. ago!


They gave him some food at 1am then again at around 4am. He ate it all up! He was starvin'! He was super active all afternoon. When I called to check on him this morning, they said he could go home!


I fed him when we got home..just a little and he was hunting for more. I gave him a little more and now he wants to play. No playing for a week though!


He goes for a check up in a week and to get the rest of his shots...


You guys were so helpful and thoughtful throughout this entire ordeal! Thank you SO much!


He is not in the clear yet, but I know he is on his way to a great recovery!

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Woohoo! I'm so glad Jack is feeling better...how relieved you must feel!


You gonna go after the breeder for the $$ or let it go? Just an FYI, when I worked for a vet we used to have to write things up for people all the time stating that they had a positive parvo test, and what date...etc. I do remember some clients at least getting the breeder to refund the purchase price of the pet, if not pay the bill.

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